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Look im sorry if the threads title before offended some poeple, i didnt mean anybody and everybody. it was ment for the poeple who always have something to say when ps3 is doing good, and YES i did read sqrl's artical. and yes i did notice the good things about what he said, my point was( i guess it came accross poorly im sorry) why does the ps3 winning world wide have to be questioned? just leave it be. i understand what he was trying to say but why does it need a whole artical to be talked about? when the ps3 does good it always has to have a second look thats what i what tying to say......discuss nicely

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Thank you much better.

And I see what your are saying but this site is about analyzing sales and sometimes things need to be analyzed. I just wrote an article about a concern of PS3 sales that has validity in its reasoning. I mean sometimes you need to question increases in sales not only whether they will last, the reasoning behind getting first that week, but other things as well.

I mean people really don't question 360 sales anymore because think most have submitted that it will reach a 3rd place. So analyzing them really is unimportant to most. But PS3, like Wii, is in the heat of things. And seeing that Wii has very few flaws in its sales right now its hard to have many questionings of its sales. Of course I questioned Nintendo's strategies of not increasing shipments on MGS4 week to keep it ahead which I labeled "a bad kind of arrogance". PS3 on the other hand is in the running and seeing that its sales on a weekly basis are more in people's eyes it'll have positive and negative feedback. Which is why you get so many people saying how any increase and how awesome it is and while the other side will question it's longetivity, validity, and affectiveness. It's just how it goes.

Is either side right? Yes and no. They are both wrong in some of the areas but all the feedback is good to analyzing the sales into finding a medium of projecting where the sales will end up in the future. It's good debate of predictions through analysis and I think its a good thing. Wii had that alot in late 2006 and early 2007. Remember all the fad threads and of course the opposite with JL threads? It's a lot like that and as PS3 continues to increase(well I see it happening) and Wii starts to level off more it'll shift and go at it as usual.

So don't look too much into it and just see it as the nature of the situation.