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saprano1 said:
thekitchensink said:
I'm not going to respond to the OP, because I don't respond to thread titles that insult me when I haven't done anything.

Ban plz.


 how have i insulted you? the truth must hurt.


 Question: If you didn't know what this thread was about, and all you saw was a thread entitled "What's wrong with you people?" how would you feel about that thread?  I, as a human being, am insulted.

And what 'truth' is this btw?  It's great that PS3 got a great game, and that it got higher hardware sales than Wii in its' opening week, when Wii had a particularly slow week with no notable game at all.  There are better things to congratulate Sony for--selling a lot of units, putting out some good games, and miraculously overcoming the worst first year any console manufacturer has ever had, regaining some credibility.


By the way, you know what would help your argument more than anything?  Get out a dictionary, and look up the word 'grammar'.  If you use it, people might actually care to read what you say.

Just a thought.

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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I think the ARTICLE SQRL wrote was probably one of the WORST named articles ever....

but the quality of it & the thoughts inside it are true & brilliant....but the name is terrible imo

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Zucas said:
You people? What's that supposed to imply.

Seriously choose your thread title words better. It's one thing to be ignorant, but blatant is just plain rude.


 I see nothing wrong with generalizing.

Did you even read the fucking article?

It was an article saying that people shouldn't be congratulating Sony on winning one week when there are far bigger things to congratulate the PS3 for - like its remarkable comeback from last year. It was an article supporting the PS3.


but it was the NAME of the article that fanboys take into their mind...without even bothering to read the whole story

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No i didnt read the fucking article. I just read the title... the article was too long so I skipped it, but I didn't get mad. I knew it wasn't anything bad or else there would have been a million more threads than this one bashing it.

Someone hand this guy a box of tissues...


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saprano1 said:

As everybody has seen already sqrl made an artical on how he refuses to give sony credit for winning one week. he made some other note's on how we shoud be praising them in other areas, i say this... what does it matter? i mean wow i never thought sony winning would cause so much of a problem that a WHOLE artical has to be written about it. the reson why so many people are happy that it happen( mostly sony fans) is cause wii fans said it would never happen and it did, can't we leave it that? as i said in the artical it will happen again and what does that say about japan? if they keep this up with more AAA games the ps3 should have no problem coming close or even surpassing the wii in japan yea thats right thats what i just said so what? every time sony does something good people have to take a secong look Like OMG wait a sec this cant be right! are people getting scared or something? the once thought doomed,fail, second dreamcat, has no games system is looking more promising for the future? what is it?



There you go. For more information, backspace out "grammar", and replace with "paragraph".

Anyway, your aimless rant would go a lot farther if you weren't so new a member with such a defensive attitude. Sqrl wrote up an article that people liked. If you didn't like it, then you can state it on the comment board under the article.

You however, created a thread asking "what's wrong" with us... At the very least you could be a bit more tactful.

On topic, people are fans of certain consoles. Some are of the mind that the "war" is over, some are of the mind that it's just begun. You are of the latter group. Congrats. You have to get used to those kinds of articles and not let them rile you up like this.

Also; Article


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Ugh - whenever somebody asks about "people getting scared" in regards to console sales and trends, I immediately have to question their age... :(

We're talking about videogames!!! What the hell would ANYONE be frightened about??? Sony selling systems and, if by some miracle, selling the most systems at the end of this generation is supposed make people tremble in fear? Please...

I'm going to go on the record and say you skimmed the article. You read the headline, got yourself all worked up, and formed an opinion before reading to the end. Shame on you. Double-shame on you for starting a thread like this...

darthdevidem01 said:

but it was the NAME of the article that fanboys take into their mind...without even bothering to read the whole story


But reading the name of an article then ranting about it is just stupid. Which is what this thread is.