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Well like the title says. but it is true man, if jerry springer or Ricki Lake is anything to go by then Americans are a nation full of pure mad people for real man.



Edited: Extra = acting over the top.



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i am not american but i cant agree with you, every nation has its fair share of retards its human thing not nation thing


edit: after looking at the thread title, irony

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Your a joke obieslut, I feel sorry for your momma.

I'm waiting for the Engrish translation. Me no understand slut's post.


hmmm....I'm thinking there is a word missing here.

Someone take that man's internet card away before he gets hurt.

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Obvious troll is obvious


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Oh come on though, hav you seen the jerry springer show and the ricki lake show. Its full of mad people man. So what do you expect people to think when people from your nation are acting like that on tv.