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Sony means business:


Sony plans to make PSP iTunes compatible, and is adding a movie and music section to the playstation store. This is a very samrt move; many people may not buy PSPs becuase they already have many iTunes songs. This will allow Sony to take some more of the iPod's marketshare.

Skype is being introuced. Internet radio is being introduced.

It will soon be possible to listen to your own music while playing in-game. This is pretty cool, but similar to MGS4, it gives developers leeway to make crap music, which is too bad. (I have green hill zones "dreams come true" song on my psp, which would be cool to listen to while playing sonic rivals if I ever get it.)

It will be possible to talk on skype while playing games.

Sony also says they are going to put 25 more classic PS1 games in Playstation store, as well as 5 original PSP games, with a new PSP game each month. Some new first party games are also announced.

This is very big news for PSP fans. PSP will likely stay at 60k a week in Japan at this rate, and should see a resurgence in America, as this should make the PSP more popular with college men.

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don't forget about the google search coming up.

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A very good move, and one that would be even better with a massive marketing campaign. Hopefully one better than the PSP obsessed stalker and stereotypical dust balls. I'd very much like to see how these new features would be implemented into games, especially Skype.



go psp

"There's no way this PSP stuff will be announced, but if it was ..."

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.... I thought that was a joke article...

lol :P

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Those would all be great features but I don't think it'd make it more broadly appealing, just more appealing to the same demographics it already draws on.
Even still it should help boost hardware sales.


Whoa, iTunes on the PSP?! AWESOME!

I really, REALLY hope they add it to the PS3 as well. I've been saying since launch that it'd be the smartest move ever to pair up with Apple for music and video. Good for Sony since it would push the media capabilities of the PS3 to a whole new level, and good for Apple since the AppleTV just refuses to take off. Adding iTunes capabilities to the PS3 would give them a potential 15+ mil new in-house streaming users, and 35+ mil mobile users.

I know I'd use it.

wow sounds pretty rad, I may consider picking one up in the future.


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This is what IGN would do if they were in charge.

To bad they arent =s