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This thread needs to be restarted, and each genre gets its' own 'user-of-the-year'-type list, except that we don't subtract anything. Also, how will anything ever 'win'? Is there a time limit that we have to vote?

For example:

Best Action Game:

-Gears of War (9)
-Dead Rising (4)
-Call of Duty 4 (12)
-Call of Duty 3 (0)
-Call of Duty 2 (3)
-Perfect Dark 0 (1)
-Mass Effect (6)

etc. (None of those were my vote btw)

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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Best XBOX 360 Game - Halo 3

Best FPS/TPS - Halo 3
Best Racer - Forza Motorsport 2
Best Action Game - Mass Effect
Best Adventure - Assasins Creed
Best RPG - Oblivion
Best Strategy - Halo Wars
Best Other - Viva Pinata
Best Console Exclusive - Halo 3
Best Multiplatform Game - GTA 4
Best Fighter - DOA4
XBLA - Catan

Hi, this is Vince with Shamwow.

Best Xbox 360 Game - Portal/The Orange Box

Best FPS/TPS - Bioshock
Best Racer - Forza 2
Best Action Game - Condemned: Criminal Origins
Best Adventure - Kameo
Best RPG (J and W) - Oblivion
Best RTS/Strategy Game - ?? (Haven't played any)
Best "Other" Game - Portal
Best Xbox 360 (Console) Exclusive - Bioshock
Best MultiPlatform Game - Portal/The Orange Box
Best Fighter - ?? (Haven't played any)
XBLA Game - Rez HD

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Best XBOX 360 Game - Mass Effect
Best FPS- The Orange Box / Bioshock / CoD4
Best TPS-Gears of War
Best Racer - PGR4
Best Action Game - Dead Rising/Assassins Creed
Best Adventure - There is only Lost for cryin out loud!
Best RPG - Mass Effect
Best Strategy - Tiberium Wars (ROCKS!)
Best Other - Condemned 2 (its not FPS, its not horror, its ...other)
Best Console Exclusive - Mass Effect
Best Multiplatform Game - GTA 4
Best Fighter - not interested
Best Platform-Easily Kameo.
XBLA - Assault Heroes