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Oh Legend, don't ever change.

- You are so cute when you're trying to make a point!

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Kurakasa said:
celine said:
Kurakasa said:
So some of you are basically saying that you should make crappy games for wii/ds since they bring easy money? :)

No, relying only on "retarded" games will damage the bottom line of that company in the long term.

But a title like "Coocking Mama" was a pure genius ( I mean lucky ) stroke because was the right product for the right audiende in the right time.

Also I want to note you that Majesco has 2 very interesting title for Wii :

Blast Work ( inspired by an indie game ) and Major MINOR'S MAJESTIC MARCH from critically acclaimed Nanonsha.

In the end the message is that VG Industry can't only rely on big budget project for 15-25 year old male.



I really doubt that good sales for crappy games will hurt any company. Those people who will buy "cooking mamas" and other crap-titles will be buying the same shit again and again. Or were you talking about a small percentage of wii users who read gaming forums and so on? :P

Huh, blast works? Looks like crap, but then again: crap sells on wii/ds.






Looks like crap to me.

Blast Works is awesome. You can try it for yourself. It's based on the freeware indie PC game Tumiki Fighters.

You can download it here.


I think Majesco is awsome as hell for publishing a full Wii version. The video preview for Blast Works on the Nintendo Channel makes it look a million times better even.

Oh shit it's already out? I'm an idiot. I should already be rocking this.

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MontanaHatchet said:
TheSource said:

Legend Majesco develops for Wii & DS because their losses nearly bankrupted them when focusing on PS2/Xbox/GC/360 high end development. Since focusing on Wii/DS the losses have quickly narrowed for Majesco.

Lets be honest here, there is a flip side to big budget games going to/ and selling on PS3/360:

creative, original fare succeed on DS/Wii. Cooking Mama is at 2 million on DS/Wii. If you want to make a case that that would be possible on PS3/360 I'd love to hear it. Majesco is a small publisher but they are not dumb.

Good point, although Majesco must be a pretty bad company if they go from major losses to minor losses. Have they ever made a profit?

Legend, if you want, I can make it like this thread never happened. Would that be a good idea?

Yeah please lock this thread as it seems to be more about personal insults than actually discussing the issue.  Majesco is just an example that the road back to profitability on the Wii isn't the cakewalk some people would have us believe.  And that the measure of success can be wildly different depending on your point of view.

Wow, another legend thread asked to be locked by the mods since he has failed to make a point.


Wait, did I just post in a closed thread?

Yeah. It's possible with ninja magic. Don't tell anybody though.