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They've only had a 0.3 mil loss this year compared to their 1.3 mil loss last year. THEY'RE DOING BETTER BECAUSE THEY'RE SUPPORTING THE WII.


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People laughed at me when I orginally posted this story, but Tantalus is the most successful and financially stable game developer in Australia.


And for the record, I'm not making any claims that all developers will be so successful. I'm just providing contrast to Majesco.

So, Legend would Majesco become more or less profitable producing games for the PS3 and XBox 360?

When you actually read their full financial statement you will realize that Majesco has eliminated a lot of their debt over the past couple of years, recovered from a pretty large lawsuit for their company size, and almost broke even ... They're far from being in a bad position from focusing on the Wii, DS and PSP.

This from the person that created numerous thread about how disappointing SMG sold.


This article explains why the OP is completely wrong. :p

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Actually this just goes to show that Majesco's decision to abandon core games and focus on casual games is - in fact - working (for them). They almost went bankrupt after Psychonauts and Advent Rising both flopped.

Now their predicting a return to profitably by end of year.


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how many threads about wii third party support do you have to make?

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Gotta love when people actually make the opposite point they intend to make.

If you actually read the report Legend, they attribute such great improvements due to... you guessed it. The Wii.

If you saw why the company was in debt you'd see it has almost nothing to do with actually it making games... and instead with past problems... like lawsuits.

Should I just...get rid of this?