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the new iPhone gen 2 that will be realeased will have major gaming capabilities. Super monkey ballz will come out on it, made by SEGA. Apple already has a deal with EA for their macs so games may come out for the iPhone from EA. 


Also, it can emulate NES, and other old consoles like that.




thats a guy using the original iPhone emulating NES.


i would also love to know how the iPhone sales are going 

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Sure, about as much as nGage.

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How bout we start tracking pcs, cell phones, and those pacman boxes. They all play games. /sarcasm
The iphone isn't made for gaming so no it shouldn't be tracked.

its called iphone sounds like a phone to me, if ioi tracks it what about other phones? unless they change the name to igame

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Yes lets let this die..
sc94597 said just what i wanted to say.

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There are plenty of different phones that can play games, and I'm going to assume that the iPhone gets its games digitally and not through physical media, so...the answer is obviously no.

Question answered and locked.