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Long story....Well Months ago, I made a thread of me taking the SAT....Well, then after receving my score, Johns Hopkins University asked me to go there for 3 weeks.....Well, I have to go now (well at the end of June)....Has any of you done this before? I wanna know how it's like.... BTW: I AM ONLY IN 7th GRADE, NOT A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR


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I took the test (though it wasn't the SAT) in 6th grade but didn't pass it. I could've taken it in 7th grade and 8th grade but I didn't.

Good luck :)

^ Thanks, did you take the STB thing?


I gone to college but it was only for one day,
never took a test or anything though

anyways, good luck at the college and enjoy all the college parties

Your SAT says smart, but your avatar says stoopid :)

Enjoy your time there!




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I graduated from Johns Hopkins :)

Have fun this summer, most kids I know that did CTY enjoyed it.

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^ Yup that's the thing Im' doing...By the way was JH fun? Is it nice?


Congrats man! Baltimore is a pretty great city, just know that there are a lot of bad parts...


Soriku what happened? Too much gaming?

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psh I was never given no test.
I pride my self in the ability to go to college a year early but now I am ashamed in myself.

*walks away crying and hitting myself in the head while I call me self stupid repeatedly*

*walks back*

Oh and I hope you have a good time.


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