Getaway 3 and Eight Days are cancelled

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This kind of news beats coffee by a loooooooooooooooo......................ong shot.

Hope those fundings get utilized efficiently.

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Too bad both Getaway games were utter rubbish.


Don't get defensive you know I'm right!



From N4G:

The introductory paragraph at Gamesindustry.biz has been changed to
"Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that it has stopped production on two PlayStation 3 titles that were in development at the Sony London Studio - Eight Days and The Getaway."
So there's hope. 


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8 days ... well I have no idea how that would have worked out , and Getaway ... common , did anyone even play any of the previous games ?

fazz said:
Oh wow, I remember that I was very impressed by the Getaway tech demo... back then of course. Too bad that it has been canceled, I saw it as one of the main showings of what the PS3 could do.

Thats another one of those "tech demos" a la KZ2 that was put out in full knowledge that it couldnt be achieved.  Look at it again and compare it to GTAIV its ridiculous.... just not possible in this gen. 

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First Getaway game I liked, never played the 2nd, that would have been a buy for me jsut to see London in all it's perfect glory.

But something seems fishy about this. I mean turning up production to full just to cancel it? No wonder sony aren't making any money if they spend millions on development only to cancel the dang games.

Hope it's not true.

Hmm, pie.

You know more and more the ps3 is dissapointing, I own one and love it, and thank goodness for mgs4 next week but last year heavenly sword and Lair were let downs, I was pissed killzone 2 and LBP and HOme got delayed, I was ticked off Haze sucked because I really wanted to pick it up. and now these two titles I was really looking forward too get canned, Getaway would have been awesome on a next gen console too.

Now Sony you really need to start showing some awesome videos of of Heavy Rain and Infamous!!! Those two are perhaps my most anticipated First party games. I hope nothing bad happens to them.

okay I have a conspiracy theory :

maybe they were immediately asked to develop bunch of good casual titles for the "PS3mote" for this holiday ,since this studio is on of the innovative studios in casual games.

what do you think?




I don't believe either games would have been rated or sold very well. Spending 20-50 million on a game that doesn't even appeal to the publisher wouldn't make much sense either, quality control FTW. Now they need to take those resources and put them toward Santa Monica, Insomniac, PD and Naughty Dog.

Getaway was just a GTA ripoff in the end; with GTA IV's blockbuster sales and reviews there is no reason to push another game like it on the market, it simply will not sell. I'm not as familiar with 8days but I suppose this is a sign of how the new leadership wants to run things. Don't forgot the 360 has now had games that have suffered this fate aka SC:C(hopefully it comes out) but the Wii is starting to show its effects on the HD console.