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Edit:  He made it smaller :).

^ There you go.

define "bad games"...

We should keep this thread alive by listing all the games that we should boycott in this gen.

And make this a "game to avoid" thread

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Way to go Konnichiwa this i agree with completely. lol

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No, beer has to be stopped first.

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This whole "quality of games" crap is getting so damn annoying and confusing.

Bad games should be gone, but they're so busy expanding the industry.

Casual games could be made good, but it wouldn't matter because a low score will always be blamed on the reviewer because he or she has played games for more than a couple years.

Besides, how could they be made good when they're usually made by a small company on a cheap budget?

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Thanks. What was I doing wrong?

RolStoppable said:
No, beer has to be stopped first.


I suspect beer plays a large part in the creation of bad games.


Nah. Sometimes I want to play a bad game. I like watching bad movies too. I'm a masochist.

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