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allaboutthegames885 said:
I plan to see this on opening day myself... Although I must admit I wasn't sold on Heath Ledger as The Joker until I saw one of the trailers, just before Mr. Ledger's accidental overdose... Real shame that the guy couldn't live to see his full potential realized...

I think it's arguable that Heath had already realized some measure of "full potential" with Brokeback Mountain. Personally I think the Joker is one of those meaty roles that a good actor can sink his chops into. Nicholson did a very good job with it first time around and now Heath Ledger's performance looks likes it's the first realization of the "Frank Miller" Joker. After seeing the trailers I was amazed.

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Batman is my favorite form of ANYTHING. Since it was announced, this was my pick for 2008's biggest movie. I can't wait!

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That was a nice trailer, Might see this movie when it comes out

i'm definitely going to see this movie. I wish more superhero movies were/are made like this. This series of batman movies isn't the "family" type movie. Its dark and at times creepy. I'm glad they didn't try and ruin it by adding stupid jokes for the kids.


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I'll be watching this movie...in Magaluf baby!

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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Another new trailer. Not a lot different but a few lines of new dialogue.


edit - Here's a higher quality link


Thanks, Frank! I shall enjoy!!

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You should check out: http://www.comcast.net/thedarkknightmovie/

Has some exclusive video features!

Direct link to IMAX featurette, with additional footage from previous release!

Clown mask footage is also interesting!

It looks really good. I was very impressed with the first one, especially after the crap the ones before it was.

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I'll be there at midnight, unless I can snatch a preview showing.

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