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Pesonally I don't give a damn about Ubisoft. If they don't make the games, someone else will.

Tecmo - Fatal Frame IV, Tecmo Bowl, Rygar
Namco - Tales of Symphonia, Fragile, Sky Crawlers
Sega - Samba di Amigo, MadWorld, Shiren the wanderer
High Voltage - The Conduit, Animales de la Muerte
SquareEnix - Crystal Bearers
LucasArts - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Little Red - Mushroom Men
Marvelous - Project O
EA (!) - Sim City Creators, Spore, Skate It
Capcom - Monster Hunter 3
THQ - De Blob, Deadly Creatures

Note: These are all Wii exclusives that have yet to come out. For all Wii games in 2008 see: http://vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?start=100&id=14526

Why care about Ubisoft. It's clear that there are loads of core games coming and Ubisoft is stupid for fleeing upmarket. They're not Epic and iD, they need the big audience and they'll miss it. And once they've noticed that, EA is so far ahead on Wii that Ubisoft can't even try to make up for it.

Edit: added Sky Crawlers 


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you forgot sky crawlers from namco benga

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jman8 said:

Steven, I think this is about ports and casual titles, and I think that ties directly into quality. What I mean is, it's too risky to devote your top teams and invest major funds into a high quality Wii title when you can rely on the PS360. I'm sure if Ubisoft had the resources, they would go after the Wii market with fuller force, but they only have so many dollars and more importantly, they only have so many talented developers. They had to make a choice on how to allocate those resources.


And yeah I would definitely get a Wii if the Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia rumors came true. Hell, I'll probably get one regardless of those two games. The thing is, At this point the decision to get one is not really up to me considering I've only encountered one Wii in the wild (when I didn't have any money). 

How is it riskier to devote top teams on games of actual quality on the leading console that has lower development costs? Wouldn't it be riskier to flood the market with a multitude of shitty games? And pretending like they don't have enough resources? Are you mad? They could just take the manpower behind all 30 of those Petz/Babiez games and put out maybe one or two good Wii titles.

For a Wii game to bomb, it would have to sell like no copies. Even the notorious Zack & Wiki and NMH, often cited by countless Sony fanboys for not selling a bajillion copies, made all kinds of profit in spite of the fanboys.

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Claude is exactly right, if they made good games for the console in the lead which happens to have lower development costs... well, it's not going to happen.

I am looking forward to 10 years from now when most of the big companies will be like Atari and all the little developers who tried something new on Wii will be big fat and ready to be replaced by the next batch of small developers.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

Thats it Wii owners, lets boycott Ubisoft. they just sell us shit to make cash to make decent hd games.


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steven787 said:

I am looking forward to 10 years from now when most of the big companies will be like Atari and all the little developers who tried something new on Wii will be big fat and ready to be replaced by the next batch of small developers.

Most of the big companies will be headed by former Sony executives?

Anyone remember this from 2007?


"In an investment meeting reported by Next Generation, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated the company currently has 400-500 people dedicated to development on the Wii platform, and believes that they will achieve "Nintendo-like quality" on the Wii next year."

We're almost halfway through 2008. I hope Ubisoft has something fantastic for the second half of the year, otherwise they were just talking out of their asses.


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Wow this completely relates to "Birdmen and the Casual Fallacy". Ubisoft a huge developer is ceding the Wii market to smaller developers who will eventually steal profits from the big developers.

If I was an investor and I read Ubisofts response. I'd be backing out of them immediately. It means Ubisoft completely misses the mark and doesn't understand the current market and where it's headed.

Feel free to jump into Ubi's forums and discuss it here:


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So Ubisoft says, the Wii is mainly for kids, girls and other casuals. The hardcore gamer base of the Wii is the traditional hardcore base of Nintendo.


ubisoft just continue to screw themselves over with the wii fan base. i mean they imply no userbase for hardcore games but one of their platforms to go platinum on the wii is red steel, even though its not even an A title (i own the game) its still hardcore and a 'soccer mum' would never pick it up

i hate when devs/publishers use double standards and contradict themsleves to make a point

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