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Bodhesatva said:

Has anyone else actually tried to find it that didn't preorder it? I didn't preorder it. Let me tell you my tale.

I called 4 Best Buys. All sold out.
I called 4 Toys R Us. All sold out.
I called 3 Gamestops. All sold out.
I call 2 Circuit Cities. Both sold out.
I called 1 EB Games. It was sold out.
I called 4 Targets. All sold out.
I called 3 Wal Marts. All sold out.

Then I gave up. I'm not exaggerating here: that is precisely what happened on Thursday night for me.

 I thought you had the hook-up at TRU? Is your connection cut-off now?

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they had alot of stock yesterday at my local wal mart and when i went t get it today it was sold out

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Lol they are selling like if they were the last meal of your life.

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Yep, i made a bunch of calls today to find one, not one place out of the 7 i called had it.

I am really pissing in the wind if i think i am getting it anytime soon.

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^i hope ninty fixes the supply problems and ships alot more,i really wanna get it

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I'll be the 100th person to say the exact same thing:

Wii fit was supply constrained, otherwise it would have sold 10 million first week.

Clearly Wii Fit was a MISS

brute said:
they had alot of stock yesterday at my local wal mart and when i went t get it today it was sold out

     I found my wii that way, being in the right place at the right time, I found it in a shopping cart being delivered to the electronics section, and before they even put it in the shelf, I bought it 

someday I hope to do the same with wii fit... someday.

They not only have to make the game but they have to make a whole new piece of hardware for it. They have to keep production of the Wii Boards alongside the DS and the Wii, OF COURSE it is supply constrained. I would bet that part of the Europe issue is a result of routing the Wii boards to other areas. But then Europe doesn't seem as manipulating with their health as America and Japan are.

How did trolling flamebait damage control like this go on for so long? Seriously, no one in their right mind considers Wii Fit's opening week "poor sales."

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