What is your favorite Wii game?

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ive got 100 stars on SMG and its def my fav wii game

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MKWii / SSBB are my favourite games.

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Super Mario Galaxy. Amazing game.

halo... well it's better then anything on the wii so it counts!

Super Mario Galaxy, but right now I'm addicted to MKWii like crack. It might eventually pass it up. SSBB and MP3 get honorable mention. The Wii really has some great games when you think about it.

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Resident Evil 4

It's really close for me between RE and Brawl, but since Brawl will probably get the most votes, I'll go RE4. :)

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Surprisingly, It's One Piece; Unlimited Adventure.

I'm a fan of One Piece and it's a great game

Mine so far is Mario Kart Wii. The online system rocks.


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Metroid Prime 3

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