will wii fit outsell both GTA4's by the end of the year?

Forums - Sales Discussion - will wii fit outsell both GTA4's by the end of the year?

GTA4 really isn't holding up that well, at least not compared to Mario Kart... There is a great possibility that both WiiFit and MK will outsell GTA4 for the rest of the year.


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Yes and eventually just NA Wii Fit sales will be more than combined worldwide sales of GTA4.



FishyJoe said:
brute said:
FishyJoe said:
Not just Wii Fit, MK is already starting to show better legs.

but so far in america SSBB is showing better legs

MK will sell better in the long run. It's got more broad appeal. 

 Don't underestimate the legs of GTA games.  I thought GTA San Andreas was still in the top 200 of NA sales this week.

Combined GTA IV already sold more than 8 million at the moment that's not bad :).

I agree with damkira. GTA4 sales are disappointing. Given that Wii Fit is not far behind the 360 version already, and the promise of Nintendogs-like legs for the remainder of the year, not too mention an enourmous Xmas boost, I think it will outsell both versions combined by the years end. Besides, Wii Fit has the added advantage of being successful in all three territories unlike GTA4.

GTA IV sales dissapointing?

At this point it have sold more than San Andreas did (the first four weeks).

Considering that San Andreas was released at the end of October and the sales of the game were boosted by the christmas period.

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How come people forget that Super smash hasn't came out in Europe yet O_o

GTA 4 sales are great. Wii Fit sales are also great. Mario Kart Wii sales are great. Neither Wii Fit nor Mario Kart Wii will beat the combined GTA 4 sales by the end of the year.


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Brianna said:
How come people forget that Super smash hasn't came out in Europe yet O_o

 oohhh you're right. I did forget that....

 SSBB may be a bit higher than I thought when I made my prediction above. :)

BCNR34 said:
no, not a chance (combined). esp after this mildly disappointing NA debut. it may happen eventually, but not by the end of this year.

lol, wow. You really do propogandize when you get your chances, don't you?


Wii Fit is severely supply constrained. If the supply was available for Wii Fit, in NA, it would outsell either version of GTAIV's lifetime sales, next month. Let's not kid ourselves.


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How is it dissapointing when you sell every unit you have available in every country except maybe Japan? 

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It's disapointing that Nintendo doesn't know how to produce enough units of hardware to meet demand. Not that I was expecting them to do much better with wii fit, given that they still haven't done it with the wii...