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shams said:
MrBubbles said:

Doesnt interest me and tbh im slightly baffled why others are. I had a look at some information about the game...all the activities within it appear to be fairly simple things which dont look very "fun" and wouldnt help someone lose weight or build muscle outside those with severe problems. most of the exercises can be done without its board. bmi is notoriously unreliable. yet people flock to this thing...

Have people just been got up in hype? Will the success last or fade away shortly? (if you own it, please state so before answering questions) 

I'm not sure if your post is a "joke" post or not, but here goes:

1/ Its the best (only?) digital weight tracking system ever created, that is easily available to the public.

2/ Its innovative, in that whereas there have been "pressure" controllers before - there has never really been a "balance" controller before.

3/ It appeals to non-gamers, more so than ever WiiSports does.

4/ It DOES help lose weight AND build muscle. You are simply wrong in your comments. How so? Well, we could start a new thread based on this alone:

    - its more convenient than going to the gym, less time wasting and a lot cheaper

    - the user gets '1-1' feedback, rather than just being a single person in a workout class of 20 people

    - by adding "game-ness" & "fun" to exercise, it encourages gamers to use it. This I think is the core element of it. Its intentionally part-game & part-exercise. If it was all-exercise, it would be a chore - rather than fun. If it was all-game, it wouldn't be different from anything else.

    - the muscle exercises in the game are HARD, and DEFINITELY help build muscle. I have slowly been getting into them, because they actually intimidate me :P 


More than anything else, the game helps with awareness - of diet, exercise, posture, balance (etc). I have found my habits are already changing thanks to WiiFit.

Will buying WiiFit turn you into a muscle man, or fitness junkie? No.

Wii buying (and using) WiiFit improve your fitness or health? If used regularly, almost definitely. 


while you seems to take this game to whole different level, i do belive once the soccer moms are done following this current trend, wiifit will bring some very interesting gaming concept we havent seen before in gaming. But for now, its quite overrated.

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while you seems to take this game to whole different level, i do belive once the soccer moms are done following this current trend, wiifit will bring some very interesting gaming concept we havent seen before in gaming. But for now, its quite overrated.

Overrated?  80 on metacritic.  Seems about right, so I would say not overrated...

Completely different market (ok, some overlap) than what most "gamers" want when they think about a game.  To many of that market, GTA IV, and many other games are far more "overrated".  

Its nto a fad. It's the beggining. Like Wii Sports introduced us to the Wii Mote, Wii Fit introduces us to the board.

That tree pose looks so easy but it's hella hard to keep balance...

Galaki said:
That tree pose looks so easy but it's hella hard to keep balance...

lol, yeah! It's like, oh hey, I can do that, sure. The question is if you can do it while staying in the little yellow circle ; ;

Also, the Plank exercise? is it just me, or is that just like, pure evil? lol ; ; I guess I need to work on my core muscles, or whichever ones that one uses.

Edit: oh yeah, a little more on-topic^^; It depends on how much you get into it. I really wanna get in a little better shape, so I've been doing all the activities I've unlocked every day so far. It definitely works^^;;

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I think you should try out Wii Fit before you actually start calling it a fad or anything. I bought my copy of it about 2 weeks ago and it's been my most played "game" ever since I bought it.
I'm not overweight or anything(normal BMI rating), but Wii Fit has made me more conscious about my overall health. Those strength exercises can be really difficult, but as you do them more you start to get better and better gaining strength. Even my gf tried it out and had fun with it (although she's underweight according to the BMI!)

Try it out before you write it off as a fad. You may be surprised!

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Why do people make threads like these? They don't make threads like "I've read the backside of a book and think it's a fad", do they?

@OP I know you just want attention but I don't care to analyze your past threads and posts and compare them to this one - heck I didn't even care enough to read your OP but based on the title I'll say this, your either amazingly smart or the opposite.

I do agree with you that Wiifit is a fad - I'll extend that and say that is the reason why anything sells in entertainment and fashion.

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Mr. Bubbles, your thread fails on so many levels. In fact, all of your latest threads have been bashing on the Wii.

You made a thread about suing Nintendo for hurting your own hand playing the Wii. (as if they forced you.)

Now this? Come up with something meaningful why don't you.

Shouldn't you be suing Nintendo for all the strain that massive, painful, impossible to move without hurting yourself Wiimote puts on your precious little wrist?

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