Which was the best Zelda game?

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LttP is fantastic, but OoT is better.

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1. Majora's Mask Ohh I still recall my anxiety caused from the clock...
2. Link's Awakening First Zelda ever played (About 10 times!)
3. Twilight Princess Loved the control scheme and darkness

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Ocurina of Time. A instant classic there may be no other Zelda to top this

Am I the only one who really liked Link's Awakening on GB?


Nope, you're not alone! Even though I've played most of the 'new-age' Zelda games, Link's Awakening remains my favourite. I will always treasure the countless hours I've spent on my desk, bed, table playing the game on my GameBoy (phat).

Twilight Princess comes second, but I still believe that 3D Zelda games just don't have that certain something 2D-games had.....IMHO that is!

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Goddamn, Ocarina of Time was insane, my most enjoyable videogame moment to date is when Link pulls the master sword from the temple of time and you see Link as an adult, also the ability to travel back and forth through time...just jaw-dropping...

Cant believe anyone isnt mentioning the oracle of ages/seasons that Capcom helped make, know they didnt sell that great but bloody hell they were good. My list goes

My top 5 would be: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker (not as many side quests as id have liked, more would have made it higher), Minish Cap (Again great) Twilight Princess.

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By the way, was I the only one here who liked Zelda II?

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