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ive been playin Haze for a couple days now and its not that BAD of a game. I mean come on people we cant really compaire Haze to Lair because of reveiw scores. Haze has alot of good in it your just going to have to look past the voice acting and some of the graphics. here is the good and bad of Haze BAD: 1.voice acting in this game is really bad and the writing OMG is it bad 2.graphics are so so i mean the environments are really low quality but your first person veiw is great the gun looks good and your foes and team mates look ok but could be better 3.playin as a mantel trooper Thats really it for the bad part of Haze GOOD: 1.awesome shooting mechanics better than any other fps out there except for cod4 2.story is pretty good even with the bad writing 3.tons of action bllowin thigs up and shooting people down 4.playing as a rebel there is so much more you can do for setting traps or getting mantel troopers to OD and blow themselfs up The gameplay in Haze is really good and offsets the graphics but not really the writing OVERALL: Haze is an ok shooter and deserves atleast one play through. It has its bad and good like every game but its unique in its own way i give Haze 7/10

Be honest with nobody and lie to your self MGS4 best game EVER on ps3 :?!!!!!!!

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I saw it today at the shops, but I think I'll pick it up once it goes platinum price or cheaper.

Why is this in sales discussion?

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i meant sony discussion sorry first post

Be honest with nobody and lie to your self MGS4 best game EVER on ps3 :?!!!!!!!

pinback4life said:
i meant sony discussion sorry first post

That's not a legitimate excuse, reading and following the rules are mandatory for a member in the VGC community.
Failure to do so, and on your first post no less, is a permabannable offense.
I'm actually glad you will no longer be here tomorrow.
This forum would be much better off without people who don't even take the time to read and obey rules...

I'm just teasing, welcome to VGC. ^_^

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