Anyone else excited Mirrors Edge?

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I think it looks great, but as with most things in first person, I want the speed of turning and looking with a mouse. So PC version for me. It's great to see an HD game actually push for bright and defining colors though. That's been a major problem this gen (mostly thank to everyone and their mother licensing out Epic's crappy engines).

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i am pretty excited about it. I'm just happy to see colors other than gray for a change

I read a preview of this in an Australian gaming magazine down here and it 's definately a unique and intriguing concept. It will definitely be a game to watch out for.

I think this has so much potential that i'm praying they dont screw it up. The colours/graphics are just so awesome. It looks like it might be one of those gaming experiences that's original and cool and that really sticks with you. Cant wait for it!

skipo said:
Well coming from EA, I think this game is gonna be a FLOP.

EA publishes both a lot of games that sell well and a lot of great games. EA is becoming the most underrated developer/publisher in gaming. Last year sucked for PS3 sports games but other than that it was another good year for EA.

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I definitely have my eye on this game, I need to see more but it looks refreshing which is what we need.

YES! (but for 360)

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