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I want Gears of War and Mass effect on PS3

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You must be out of your damn mind! Xbox360 has halo 3, mass effect, gears of war and gears of war 2 on the way. Stop being greedy and trying to make all of our hot games on the 360. the 360 took devil may cry and grand theft auto. However, if you think metal gear solid 4 is going to be on the 360, your on another planet. So we sony owners are getting bioshock, big deal. Hideo Kojima said that metal gear solid 4 is meant for the ps3 only.


I really would have expected this more from starcraft.... but I don't think he would have even said his. Are you feeing okay rock on?

Rock_on_2008 said:
I want Gears of War and Mass effect on PS3

Yeah ... two MS published games will appear on the PS3. Riyyyyyght. 

Rock_on_2008 said:
Console exclusives will eventually become less and less as developers want to sell out and make more money

 So if I understand what your saying, then we will eventually see Halo on the PS3/wii, Mario on the PS3/360, and MGS4 on the Wii/360.

 The only winners here will be the gamers no matter what platform :)

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ROFL at you guys.

Did you guys even consider it was sarcasm AT ALL? Don't you know Rock has a PS3 and is a big fan of it?

Lol, he just pwned you guys.

*Claps* Good job, Rock :P

No, Mario is owned by nintendo, uness they stopped making consoles....

I pwned you guys lol. You have been fooled. lol.

It is like saying will PC games: Starcraft 2 or World of WarCraft appear on consoles. Never happen.

In a perfect world we would all get the games we want on all consoles but we do not live in a perfect world. 

4 DVD9s and extra packaging would not cost less than one BD-Rom.

Though it probably wouldn't take 4 DVD9s.