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Ninja Gaiden II: A, A-, A- (Game of the Month)

Pros: Visceral combat, video mode

Cons: Corny cut scenes, awkward camera


Metal Gear Solid IV: A, A-,  B+

Pros: Refined gameplay, interesting story

Cons: More cutscenes than gameplay


What do you guys think?


God of War: Chains of Olympus is apparently coming to ps2 (Yay!)

More Skies of Arcadia for Wii rumours

And some nice Gears 2 info (including a chainsaws only mutliplayer mode :D)

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Okay, they can have their own (very wrong) opinions, but more cutscenes than gameplay? Some other site, can't remember who, said the cutscenes made up about a third of the total game length.

At first, I really put Mgs4 about 3 bars ahead of NG2 in sales and popularity when they both hit. But seeing this makes me wonder. :l

the guy that gave MGS4 B+(the lowest score)is the same guy that gave NG2 A(the highest NG2 score),,,makes me wonder,,,,




In all honesty, I don't see what the big deal is with having a lot of cutscenes. Yes, you don't want to much, but cutscenes, at times, can look better than the gameplay.

MGs4 is like an interactive and live movie before you. But, if there are a lot of cutscenes, about 3 times the gameplay, I would understand. I will find that out next month when i get MGs4. (that is... if i stop being addicted to MKWii and GTa 4 Ps3 like i am right now.)

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Str8knox said:
At first, I really put Mgs4 about 3 bars ahead of NG2 in sales and popularity when they both hit. But seeing this makes me wonder. :l
MGS 4 is still about 3 bars ahead in popularity and will definitely be 3 bars ahead in sales. This does get me even more interested in Ninja Gaiden II. It was already a first day purchase for me. I suppose now i'll just need to break in the night before and leave some money on the counter.


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Wow. I knew NG2 would be awesome, but this is something else. EGM are normally pretty harsh too.

From a sales perspective though, I doubt even crap reviews for MGS4 would see it outsold by NG2. What this does mean is that NG2 could do better than we first thought.

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NG2 will be a great game, but MGS4 will be better. I say that having loved the first Ninja Gaiden on Xbox to death. Other reviewers have said cutscenes haven't been that bad or intrusive in length, but to each his own. Unlike some people on this website, I don't base my enjoyment of a game off its reviews.

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This is huge. NG2 getting Game of the month over MGS4. Not so much that it tells us a lot about the qualities of MGS4 (I'm sure the reviews will be brilliant overall), but that this indicates that NG2 might become a sleeper hit.

I didn't believe much in NG2 before this. But now, perhaps it is a +90% title that can sell 1.5 million copies. Maybe even get close to 2 million?

Well I have nothing else to say really, as I hate both MGS and Ninja Gaiden.

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@ Slimebeast

I don't see how you could have ever doubted NG2. The first one (and it's two remakes) scored over 90%. They weren't that popular though....but I think this one could reach a million if MS advertises it.