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I agree. The lack of effort put into the Wii port of Rock band may come back to haunt then.

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And it will be at least a solid year before we see this turned into reality. The addition of the vocal and drum tracks along with the new peripherals will be a welcome addition, especially if the drum kit matches the claims in the press release. A better guitar would be nice too.

I completely skipped GH3 after seeing what Rock Band brought to the genre; too few additions by comparison beyond the new set list.

No point in getting too excited until this is a couple months away from release and the final version matches the claims. In the meantime, I'll still be having fun with Rock Band.

As for the DLC for the Wii version; great, but not really important since I'll still be buying the better version of GHIV, whether it be for the 360 or the PS3.

Release date ? :D


^ Most likely this fall.

Arcturus said:
^ Most likely this fall.

 Yeah.  I expect Nov again (last year was almost Nov) but with better supply. 


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I was thinking about getting Rock Band... but not anymore.

Not to mention you can write music on this thing?!?!?

That's gonna be so rad.

meh...rock band copycat. As usual harmonix will move on to something else cooler while Activision tries to catch up...

WHEN is this coming out?!


Drum-kit, Linkin Park, Van Halen, DLC for Wii!


I'm buying! 


Awesome finally dlc for the wii version.

Guitar Hero is going to be the best selling 3rd party franchise this generation. As a matter of fact, I believe that only the Wii franchise can beat it if you call Mario Party and Mario Kart (etc) different franchises.

Well, top 3 in best selling franchises this gen is my guess(including first parties) and top 5 should be a guarantee.

BTW, this is also comming to Ps2, is it likely to be damaged because of that, or are Activision not doing bad ports from Ps2?


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