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This is a temporary topic to explain what everyone does on the site until the staff page is up. Remaking it since ssj's first topic went kinda crazy.


Site Owner

ioi - Owns and operates VGChartz.

Site Manager

DKII - Runs much of VGChartz and handles issues among the staff.

Site Administrators

TalonMan - Game Database administrator in charge of all database issues

Louie - PR Manager in charge of press contacts in the news and media

ssj12 - PR Manager in charge of contacting publishers

TheSource - Senior Analyst making most major sales analysis articles

naznatips - Forum Administrator in charge of mods and forum issues


BenKenobi - Head Moderator helps handle mod complaints

Stof - Head Moderator also

Everyone listed here


This is just a topic about the people actually managing the site. There are also numerous contributors (and people above acting as contributors as well), but this should give you some idea of what people are doing right now.

If you have problems with mods, it's best to email mods@vgchartz.com and if you can't do that then message Benkenobi or myself (Stof is out for a couple months doing some volunteer environmental work). If you have a problem with me message DKII.

Edit: Locking this one too since ioi wants to wait for an official announcement. 

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Nm more supermods ??? How about Übermods... Or Evil Mods ??? I liked the idea of this site being more like a comic book... I have dibs on the position on Peter Parkers Boss... that will be fun :)