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I have sent about 12 PM's, 2 to ioi, i have E-mailed Admin@vgchartz.com, anything that you could imagine to try and resolve this password problem, and not one admin has helped me.


To Ssj12, Shams and Montana hatchet, thanks for the advice of speaking to ioi.


Could a admin reset my password? because the forgotten password has not worked whatsoever, and nothing has been done.


This is Jessman btw... so please. help me ioi.

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What's the login on vgchartz you are trying to reset? Is it this one you posted with, or a different one?

Lol. Didn't you read the thread you last posted? I got through to ioi. He said the site is having trouble with outgoing emails and that hes trying to fix it as fast as possible.

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i had the issue also just keep entering your password/username it will work sooner or later.

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Yeah i did.

But i sent copious ammounts of pm's and e-mails.

Not one reply from any admin.

Jlauro, my old accounts is Jessman


@ Sherlock


The lost password thing wont work, when it sends a new password to my email it wont go through whatsoever, so it still resets it but does not tell me

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The problems with outgoing e-mails should be fixed. You probably have a typo in the e-mail address you registered with.

I registered with Jessman_Aus@hotmail.com

It will not send one out, no matter what i do.

According to the logs, the e-mail went out. Could it be in some sort of spam folder on hotmail?

I wonder if it's a problem with hotmail. I have heard complaints of other people using hotmail with random trouble not receiving e-mails from various domains.


I was just thinking if an admin could reset my password and send it to me via PM or something.