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May 19, 2008 - Nintendo, a company once focused exclusively on the art of making traditional videogames, is on a health kick. First, Wii Sports, a game that challenged players to get off their couches and make sporty movements to simulate the acts of playing tennis or going bowling. Not exactly a workout, but compared to the level of physical exertion required for most videogames, the bundled title might as well have been mountain climbing. And yet, it was just a baby step when leveled side-by-side against legitimate exercise. That is a point, though, the Big N is hoping to address with the release of Wii Fit, an ambitious and refreshingly different project that is only barely a videogame; here, for the first time, is an effort that could be used as a weight loss and management tool and unlike your recent trip to your local gym, you might have some fun between the repetitions.

Wii Fit is the result of famed designer Shigeru Miyamoto's fascination with measuring his weight every day and the inspiration gained after his team saw a sumo wrestler weigh in using two separate scales (he was too heavy for one alone.) They created the Wii Balance Board, a scale-like peripheral which comes packed in with every copy of Wii Fit. It's an innovative package, but it doesn't come cheap -- the Balance Board tacks on an extra $40; everything sells in America for $89.99, a pretty penny, especially for Wii owners accustomed to paying less for both the initial hardware purchase and the games designed for the system.


end of core gaming days prediction:


E3 2006-The beginning of the end. Wii introduced


E3 2008- Armageddon. Wii motion plus introduced. Wii Music. Reggie says Animal crossing was a core game. Massive disappointment. many Wii core gamers selling their Wii.


E3 2010- Tape runs out