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I never thought a DOGGY could look Creepy....but you have proved me wrong!

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First 360 owners were like:

But now 

Hmm, ssj12, I thought that was the australian review. Oops.

At least the gameplay is decent

Well, it's good to see DMeister is having fun with this.

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that seems a more reasonable score. Not enough to warrant a purchase in many eyes though id wager

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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rocketpig said:
Well, it's good to see DMeister is having fun with this.

Yeah, I'm trying to... 

If not, I'd be plucking my eyes out.

It seems to me most people are annoyed with the comments... whatever, but I think its funny how everyone says graphics dont make a game yet this game is getting slammed for having bad graphics.... but the trees look like trees and the guns look like guns... people are ridic.

Yeah, um broken thread and there's already a haze review thread

What? The graphics are really good, what the hell are they talking about??