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May 20, 2008 - Nintendo's new WiiWare service, which offers brand new and original downloadable Wii games, has gone live in Australia today, with six games now available for download through the Wii Shop Channel, in exchange for Wii Points.

The launch games include:

Lost Winds (1000 Points)
Star Soldier R (800 Points)
Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (1000 Points)
Toki Tori (900 Points)
TV Show King (1000 Points)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (1500 Points, first Pay & Play title)

Nintendo said that the service "empowers consumers to determine with their Wii Points which games have the ability to become the next big thing," and that they "will assist in the creative process as their choices will directly determine the success of current projects and direct the plans for future ones."

As a result of these releases, no new Virtual Console games will be made available this Friday, although future WiiWare updates will take place on Fridays.


Well this is good to see. I cant wait to give these games a go.


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Are you cereal?
My Wii didn't glow or anything :/

I'll go check...

Yeah, i only found out today because i'm subscribed to online info from nint aus.. otherwise i had no idea it was coming today

--OkeyDokey-- said:
Are you cereal?
My Wii didn't glow or anything :/

I'll go check...

Yep, I just went and checked and Wiiware has launched with those six games.

Haven't send a wii-mail about wiiware so far. I am addicted to that neon blue wii-mail alarm.


wii number: 8166 7045 0170 7783 (don't forget to inform me if you add me)

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Do you download wiiware or do you go through the virtual console link on your Wii. My other half is watching tv and I cannot check.




I'll have to get Wii Points.

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