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Congrats on getting another 360. I haven't had a lot of time recently to play with any of my systems, but when I have, it's been all about the 360. I don't even fire up my PS3 to play Blu Rays! I just find it laughable that the PS3 force screams RROD ... and yet, the 360 is still in the lead, massively - and the 360 is still selling.

I do agree with you on the flake factor on craigslist. Sometimes, folks get a better deal and bail.

As far as MGS 4 being the second coming? Please. Sure, it will move mad copies, but to state that as a main reason to get a PS3 is ludicrous. Buy a PS3 to play Blu Rays - or get one with Full or software BC ... but for MGS? Oh boy.

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tell that to the millions of people who brought it for MGS

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7.5 to 6.29 real quick.

I don't get the Metal Gear hype either. I liked it on the NES. Solid turned me off horribly, ever since then I could care less about them. I tried part 2 and snakeater as well, neither one changed my opinion for the better. I could care less about 4. Screenshots look like someone dragged them through the mud twice.

But I don't mean to stray further off topic. OP, you should try Dead Rising, must own for the new 360 owner... and reduced price to boot.

How many ps3 games do you get bc thats hell of an deal to get all those games and the 360 console.

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Your gonna regret trading your ps3 in the coming months. Besides if you trade it now, your gonna miss out on mgs4.


i think you should save up and own both systems,you might regret this

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