Can Metal Gear Solid 4 sell more than halo 3 in first week sales?

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Bodhesatva said:

I've said this about 10000 times now: there are many people with ridiculously inflated notions of the appeal of Metal Gear Solid.

It's kind of like going to a Star Trek convention: when you're there, it seems like Star Trek is incredibly popular and everyone loves it, but then you go back to reality and Star Trek shows haven't made good ratings in years and practically no one cares about them anymore, in a larger sense. There are still a lot of people who care about MGS, but the same overestimation of fan base applies.

In other words, it's hard to keep Metal Gear in perspective, because the internet forum crowd is so rabid about this franchise. But it's not nearly as big as Halo, and recent comparisons to GTA (lol) should be laughed out of court. It's a big game. A lot of people like it. We should leave it at that. I expect it to sell about as well as Mario Party 8, which would be an improvement for the series and would show that the fanbase is still around.

You always underestimate MGS.  The comparisons to GTA were PS3 version only. 

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colonelstubbs said:
@ windbane, thats for MGS3 the lowest selling of the 3d games...what about 1 or 2? 4 is the first on the ps3, so should sell like the first on the ps1 and the first on the ps2 (with 3 being the second on the ps2)

Yep, exactly.  I only used MGS3 because it's the only one vgchartz has (newer game).  I fully expect MGS4 to sell more than the first 2, partially because of the reason you stated.

btw, guys, I'm finding this thread in several months. sieanr and Bod: feel free to do the same =)

Bod says nowhere near Halo (even though MGS1 and Halo 1 aren't far off), and sieanr says less than 4 million, closer to 3 million. Wow.

I'm going to gamestop 2 weeks after MGS launches to take a pic of how many copies they have selling for used.

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darthdevidem01 said:
@majin-Tenshinsan )sorry if spelt wrong)

well FFX had a 3 million opening on a 5 million PS3 install base at the time...

PS3 will be around 25 million

 Oh, man. I forgot to consider the install base. Sorry, I guess I'm just being overly negative.

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Even TheSource is predicting 175-225k in Japan 1st week (http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=27150) which, if holds true, is going to make some people very disappointed on their expectations for MGS4, including you.

i don't think it will outsell it in its first week but i hope that it does outsell it eventually.


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nono,maybe 1million first week or more but not going to hits 3million,however it will be awesome if it could be possible

NO of course not

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In short, no.
It is however, a good possibility in Japan. America however, is a much different story.