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Gamerankings and Metacritic have zero credibility. Reviews are conveniently left out to inflate game review averages.

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yer I personally use gamestats. Cause it takes alot more site reviews and people reviews. So you get an overall average from both sources.

A much more accurate source I think.

and no gamerankings did not remove a review. They just lowered the average by 0.2something.



I often wonder why people put so much value on aggregate review scores. You know which game is better to begin with so leave it at that.

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The Ghost of RubangB said:
thetonestarr said:
ItsaMii said:
Should I really care? I would rather use GameFaqs user reviews. Gamerankings is a good index for western reviewers tastes. The rankings are also not immune to "money politics". Perfect Dark Zero still puzzles me. It got 9`s from GS, 1up and GameTrailers.

 This is the first time I've seen someone point this out. I've been telling that to people for ages, but none of them seem to get it into their head. "OLOLOL BEST GAME EVAR GTA4!!!!!1"

 Yeah, "BEST GAME EVER ZOMG status" for a game that will sell 10 copies max in Japan was pretty stupid to begin with.

And it's pretty obvious looking back that Perfect Dark Zero got all 9's because everybody really really wanted Rare to make a great FPS like they used to.  It was just wishful thinking.

And now they want to fudge Ocarina, and I bet the next move is for the haters to rewrite history and say Ocarina was a casual game and GTA4 is hardcore.  Lulz galore.


Two words that guarantee that'll never fly:


(1) Master

(2) Quest


End of story. =)



How about a remake of Ocarina of Time? That should put on the first place forever.

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Wow... I'm at a loss for words here, I mean reviews were paid for and then when the reviews that weren't paid for came out they had to lower OoT score to keep GTA4 ahead, I wonder who paid CNET to keep GTA4 on top for a while, now if it holds that spot I'm never using that site again and any CNET related sites will go under the EA category.

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Wait, how do people know it was rigged?
Where is the evidence?

I assume there is some evidence somewhere based on people's reactions, but I don't see any evidence in this thread.

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is it me or is the gaming industry so "fake" this gen? unreal review scores, firing honest reviewers, agressive imitation, money hatting anything that sells. money is thrown around way too eaily these days.

sinha said:
Wait, how do people know it was rigged?
Where is the evidence?

I assume there is some evidence somewhere based on people's reactions, but I don't see any evidence in this thread.

 If old scores were always changing, we wouldn't notice.  However, one old score got passed recently with the early flood of 10s from the wackjobs.  Then as the later reviews came in and lowered the score, as happens with all games, this old game regained its first place.

THEN, and EXACTLY THEN, its score was magically lowered.  As far as we can tell, this is a very very special occasion.

If you have any evidence to calm us down, maybe proving that they're ALWAYS tweaking really old scores, that wouldn't exactly calm us down, because it would make them lose even more credibility than they just did.

I can't think of a situation in which they can justify this.  That score was solid.  Written in stone.  I named my son after that aggregate review score!

All this proves is that GTA IV is the best game ever.

Seriously, though, these phantom reviews are so ridiculous. Who gave OoT a 10/10 a month ago? It seems like you can just start a website and slap reviews on there and get gamerankings. I thought they were better because metacritic weights certain reviews more heavily and doesn't tell you how, but it seems they are both a little sketchy.

Oh well, review aggregates are just useful guidelines anyway. You can easily look at the reviews you trust more so it's stll quite useful.