No More Excuses! No More Heroes $19.99 at Circuit City!

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What? That's all. Move along.

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I forgot my wallet at home... ??

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I knew about this two weeks ago. If I hadn't already beaten it I would definately be picking it up.

I thought I was going to be clever and say No More Excuses till I realized it was in the title :(. Didn't see it at first.

Aw, sad to see it dropped in price so fast. But, then again, this means that maybe more people will pick it up and enjoy the product of Japan's best game designer. :)

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Damn. Kinda wish I would of waited now considering how short it is, Eh I've got Killer 7 to play... and i'm sure i'll play through NMH a couple more times, as will my girlfriend and a friend of mine... so i'll get my money out of it in the end.

I really don't think the controls are that bad in Killer 7. I actually find the whole thing refreshing, the aiming can get annoying but i think it fits the atmosphere.

I might pick it up later this week. The 20 minute drive to the nearest Circuit City is worth it :D

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The best single player Wii game for only $20?... well I guess you can have your cake and eat it too.

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That`s not much

i would buy it but i have okami, gta, SSBB, and mk wii that im working on. i wont have any time to play it

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