Why is it ok to make fun of Indian people?

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im sure indians dont mind a joke or two at their expense,considering that 50 year hence,theyd be fighting china for world domination

"The accumulated filth of all their sex and murders will foam up about their waist and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"...

 ....and I'll look down and whisper  "no."  

                                                                   - Rorschach

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Everyone makes fun of Indian people! Especially Indian people!

Seriously, though, I'm fine of making fun of other races in jest as long as you can take your own race getting poked fun at. All the Indians I know (I go to the 18th best high school in the US, Indians are slowly becoming a majority) make fun of their heritage. It's not out of disrespect or anything; they simply have a sense of humor.

Also, no, that isn't the 50's. They meant every word they said in the 50's. Sometimes people are overly sensitive, something I think you're being, but the crap that blacks dealt with for centuries in America was nothing like what you're talking about, and it's almost impossible to be overly sensitive in that case. This is coming from a Southern white boy, by the way.

tarheel91 said:
This is coming from a Southern white boy, by the way.

 just goes on to show that the "southern  white boy" stereotype doesnt work anymore either

"The accumulated filth of all their sex and murders will foam up about their waist and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"...

 ....and I'll look down and whisper  "no."  

                                                                   - Rorschach

Mistershine said:
--OkeyDokey-- said:
Moongoddess256 said:
Also, I'm sure we've all been stereotyped by other people before. I just think its silly. When people realize my name is Greek, I get Greek stereotypes dumped on me(like everyone assumes that I'm Greek orthodox). If people mistake me for asian, and sometimes they do (god knows why), I get some asian stereotyping too.

Heh, did you get called a wog at school? Oh ho I got that a lot :P

Stereotypes aren't really that bad. Most people including myself are willing to have a laugh at themselves now and then.

Most people wouldn't find this funny but we had an aussie customer in the shop a while ago and I says to him:
Alright Dirk(for such was his name), hows it going?
And he replies:
Don't ask mate, I'm fighting a fucking wog today!

Racist I know, but I though is was funny as at the time.

Also Moongoddess256 doesn't sound Greek, it sounds more 60s/70s hippie.

ha, yeah my parents named me moongoddess256. Its right on my birth certificate.

wait I got a good story I want to tell. Once I was hanging out with a bunch of people at school and they started joking around about them all being "roundeyes"... except for me.

I was like "What the hell was that supposed to mean?" the guy said "Well um you know... you're like... not like us"

I said "um... you know I'm white right?" he said "oh... really?" followed by some awkward silence.  

[2:08:58 am] Moongoddess256: being asian makes you naturally good at ddr
[2:09:22 am] gnizmo: its a weird genetic thing
[2:09:30 am] gnizmo: goes back to hunting giant crabs in feudal Japan

because they have a great sense of humor and are safe in the knowledge there country is an emerging superpower

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xD @ okeydokey.

I was called a wog in school too (Italian decent) and I hated it! >///

but I guess the media doesnt count because they do it to other races also.

Exactly and this is how it should be. The moment you cannot make fun of a minority there are serious problems. That people do not make fun of black people isn't a sign that the relation between races is better but that it is much more strained.

People make fun of computer scientists,
people make fun of gamers,
people make fun of indians,
people make fun of white people, hippies, yuppies, asians ...

etc. pp. As long as it is done in a good-natured way this is completely normal and I have no problem with it.

PS: Its understandable that blacks are a sensitive subject in the USA because of its history, similar, even more rigid rules of good taste apply for jews in Germany.

wow not that many brown people at VGC, as a proud Indian from the state of Punjab, it is defiantly ok to make fun of anyone, because i believe its all ok or nothing is ok. I live in Surrey BC,Canada and surrey has the largest population of Punjabi's outside of Punjab it self . and the f'ed up thing here is white people are then ones who usually get made fun of, and I'm sure some surrey or lower mainland residence people could back that story

Curry Rocks, Bhangra is awesome and i love Indian corner stores


i don't mind the occasional racist comment.

Laugh with Black and Asian people and you will end up in a trash container and hopefully still alive..

Laugh with Indian people and they probably just will smile back ( Lack of English grammar and their calm religion make them easy victims).