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coolestguyever said:
EaglesEye379 said:

From Wikipedia:

Call of Duty 5 will be the fifth installment of the series (ninth, counting expansion packs) and was confirmed on December 2.[4] It is expected in Fall 2008 and will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, as well as on PlayStation 2 and PC.[5][6]

Thats why it will be lousy - no offence to wii. but offence intended to PS2 and DS.

Making games for PS2 after the previous one was for PS3 is taking a step backwards. Theres no explanatin needed for the DS.

 lets see. 120 million ps2s have been sold and if you combine the sales of home consoles this gen (wii, 360, ps3), we aren't even at half the PS2s install base.  Games on PS2 still sell well, so why not make something that makes you money still.  many people still havn't jumped into the 7th gen, so a company is still going to cater to those stuck in the 6th gen.

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at rock on

guitar hero and ratchet came out in october so your list is wrong

this year expect to see some of the same games as last year especially rock band. th e big seller this fall will be gears 2 it will sell 2.5 million first week and will have at least 5 million before 09. cod5 and wii fit will be right behind it also expect a boost in gta 4 sales.

on the multiplatform side we have tom clancy's end war, star wars: force unleashed, ghost busters, prince of persia, and fallout 3 to go with the obvious madden, cod, guitar hero it sucks that prototype and borderlands arent going to make it out this fall

wii should easily sell the most and ps3 will do well. 360 can do better than last year but what it needs to do is redesign the console to be more quiet and have a lower failure%, give it at least a 50 gig hard drive, make it smaller like ps2 slim and and make it so people don't associate it with rrod. Then pack it in with a game like ninja gaiden 2 or for families pack it in with viva pinatas

Shouldn't wait for E3 to get some more knowledge on what's coming out this year?

Christmas gets bigger almost every year in the gaming division. Even if this one is huge, the next one, or the one after that at least, will outsell it.

With lack of WW monthly, I'll use NA monthly and Japan. But anway, we know Europe is growing bigger every year.

We do not have that much data, and I'll start were I find it reliable, so in 2004 for USA. December.

Hardware: 6,5M
Software: 12M (Alert! Totally incomplete)


Hardware: 7M
Software: 26M

December 2006:
Hardware: 6.8M
Software: 33M

December 2007:
Hardware: 8.7M
Software: 55M

I can't really say that proved anything, but I'll leave it there so you can see that it hasn't been such a great improvement YoY.

Still, christmas second/third year should be bigger than first/second.

This year; Wii has had a huge line-up and there looks to be more to it. Without huge 3rd party support later on, I'm not sure it will be beatable.

X360 had the same as above last year, and I doubt this year can top that, but it looks like the line-up will be so close that the sales might be about the same.

Ps3 had a pretty bad line-up last year, but this year it is on par with the X360 one, albeit, I expect them to have bigger next year.


That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

Activision just said in a conference call that GH4 will be out this holiday:

Activision bigwig Mike Griffith has said the next instalment in the Guitar Hero series will be out this "holiday", or Christmas as we quaintly like to call it.

He told analysts during a conference call that plenty of resources had been poured into the game to provide a "significant leap forward in innovation" on all platforms.


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