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Delete please moderators - accidental triple-post!

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Not this Gen.

Predictions for 2009: (Right) (Wrong) (Partial)

Pokemon Gold/Silver DS Japan in September

NES colored Wii and SNES Classic Controler for Christmas

Super Role Bros for Christmas

FF Remakes announced; VII PS3 VIII 360 IX Wii

New Super Mario World November 2009

/sigh Anyone else want to take a shot at this?

What with Wii Fit, MK:Wii, SSBB, Wii has a trifecta that will not allow it to be brought down.

And your avatar is kinda... not so good... If I were you I would change it voluntarily.

If they don't get on top before the Wii's successor releases then they have no chance, because by then people will be buying the new consoles, and likely the Wii as well. (like the PS2 now).