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i'm a huge anime fan, and one of the things i love about some anime is the music. i can't underestand a word of it but alot of it sounds really good to me, which is wierd cause i'm really a hip-hop rnb guy. but theres something about when a japanese song has a piano in it and a lady singing, and other songs just sound epic

well anyways yesterday i decided to download some soundtracks from animes like gundam seed and fate stay night, and i'm really impressed, it has become my addiction

anybody gone through this addiction or even like the music? i'm sure anime lovers like this type of thing

man i need to learn japanese so i can understand the lyrics, i can only pick up on a few words...


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I'm not into anime music.

But I do like thee michelle gun elephant and envy which are Japanese bands.

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I love Anime Music, I have all Narutos Opening and ending on my Ipod, along a lot of others anime music, very good music

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Me too, I may not like anime a lot, but the music is fantastic.

lol, there are two songs I like from Fate Stay Night... some of their melodies are pretty good too. I might use to DJ on a theme night

Here's some song you might try to listen to.

Rewrite by Asian kung-Fu Generation (from FullMetal Alchemist)

a few songs from InuYasha's pretty good too.

Generally, Anime have decent music, it's a good way to get to know the Japanese pop-music world. Go out and experiment with them.

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I like Yui Horie

Mine too.....^_^ i love J-music

I like some music from Japan, though most of the anime themes I've heard make me cringe.

I'm currently being rocked by these:

Aoki Takamasa (Ambient, Glitch, Minimal Techno)
Buffalo Daughter (Clever mix of Lo-Fi Rock with wobbly vintage synths)
Coaltar of the Deepers (Shoegaze Rock with some forays into Thrash Metal)
Cornelius (Early stuff goes from Big Band / Lounge to the textured ambience of later work)
Denki Grove (Tongue-in-cheek Techno, inspired by YMO and Kraftwerk)
Hi-Posi (Utterly bizzarre Electronic stuff that I need to listen to more to formulate a better description)
Kahimi Karie (Whispery loungepop with English, French and Japanese lyrics)
Mayumi Kojima (Big Band, Blues, occasional wonky Baroque)
OOIOO (Lo-Fi / Psychedelic Rock)
Polysics (High-energy punk, influenced by Devo)
School Food Punishment (Power-pop - they have a lady singing over pianos!)

Also, A few of the above have contributed tracks to anime openings / endings.