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As seems to be the norm this console generation, not all games can hit that elusive 720p HD resolution.  First Halo 3, then GTA4 (PS3) and now the PS3 exclusive Haze.

As previously reported, a demo of Haze can be found on the Playstation Store, supporting 4 player co-op.  Graphically it’s solid, but what’s most impressive is that it runs silky smooth.  It runs at a locked 30fps, and even with a host of foliage and enemies on screen - it never dips.

Though there are more impressive looking games on the PS3, it’s with Haze’s gameplay and story that show off its true colours.  (More on this in our upcoming preview of both the four player co-op and multiplayer modes.)  Nonetheless, for Free Radical to achieve a solid PS3 engine with no loading throughout the game, they’ve had to make some concessions.

Qua51 of Beyond3d now confirms Haze’s resolution to be 1024by576 with no anti-aliasing.  That is, going by the demo, and there’s yet to be a difference in resolution from a game’s demo to its final release. At the end of the day, this is something we’re going to have to get used to.  If developers find they can put the saved power into a solid framerate, or better graphics - then should we really be complaining?

>>> I think developers should make more efforts. Haze has been postponed several times. PS3 is capable of 1080 so 576 is really sub par. Certainly for a FPS.



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FYI, in the same Beyond3D thread that that info comes from, Quaz confirmed that KZ2 is 720p with 4x quincux AA, and LBP is 720p with 2x AA (when before it had no AA). :D

It's kind've sad that Haze has such a low resolution despite looking average already. :(

I think it's due to the fact that the game has no load times(then again uncharted didn't have any load times either from begining to the end)




I dont really think its that sad, this is all just assumption but i would assume that killzone has a much higher budget that haze.

I think this gen alot of devlopers may really suffer with optimising graphics, which may start to govern the release/creation of games, this has been shown with delays.

Also added to this free rad said that they wouldnt focus on graphics too much on the new time splitters game maybe they are having hardware difficulties?

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just played the haze demo

  • looks ace
  • plays ace
  • sounds ace especially when an enemy kill is registered
  • multiplayer is ace

regarding the grafix, mabey they are of a lower resolution upscaled, but i swear they are perfectly smooth with no frame probs and no screen tears. it just moves and looks very good indeed

it has a unique art direction in it, you can tell its made my timesplitters crew when you take nector the screen zooms in the effect looks brilliant. all in all in the grafix dept, haze looks the part even if its not true 720p

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Sure, its no crysis - I just played the demo thru. But it looks decent, a bit above resistance but with better framerates and no loading. The lighting does look nice though. I would give it 75% now, but it could go as high as a solid 85% for me. Its probably at least as good as resistance 1 to play. Edit: It probably has power to burn, I bet CO-Op will be very smooth and so will multiplayer. I think the resolution is a tradeoff for gameplay.


@squilliam /skeeuk

is it better than the other co-op shooter?(army of 2 or rainbowsix vegas2)if you played those games that is




That's the same resolution as SD PAL TVs (except they are 576i not p)

Still I don't see why people care if it looks ok.

@ Spartan, haven't played those two yet so not sure. But Coop feels good from the 2-3 mins I tried it at. Feels MUCH better than R1 though


Maybe they lowered the resolution of the demo to decrease the size of the download. Until the final build is complete, I wouldn't be so hasty on the Haze resolution issue.