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coolestguyever said:
yeah i gotta think its overtracked, no offence to the guys who get the numbers.

Like come on, its having its best non holiday week ever during GTA4 week!

Even if it's an overtrack, it shouldn't be by too much given VGC's track record. It wouldn't be overtracked enough to make people stop thinking "why did Wii have it's best non-holiday week during GTA4 release."

This happened because Nintendo fired their big gun as well, only they two guns: MKWii and sending 400k Wiis to the americas for it's launch. Sony and MS don't have a second gun.

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Wii sales WILL be bigger for the Wii Fit launch!

I will be at my local retailer outlets these next couple of weeks. I need a Wii and since Nintendo is increasing production.

This is my chance to get one!!!!!

And now it looks like we're going to have people waiting in lines for both Wii's and Wii Fit. Crazy stuff.

What are people doing with all these wiis,
well at my local park they used the wiis for a fire. in my ild schoool they are used to surf the net. in the nightclub they are used for sterios and, and when i was watching wrestling they used it for a weapon and in my friends house they use them for a door stop.

on a true note the sales are like crazy

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wii fit will be big, with stores advertising it for mothers day

wii fit=big wii sales

This will happen again this year before november (Blame Wii Fit)

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assuming japan sales are around prelim in

Wii 50k
PS3 13k
360 3k

The Wii will have 45.3% market share when all is said and done this week - selling more combined ww than ps360 during GTA4 launch week. That's a major achievment Nintendo's gotta be delighted with.


It will be interesting to see How little wii's are sold next week in NA, Nintendo does not have enough wii's sitting around to do this each week. They only make 1.8mil each month.

Next week could be small.

After that, Wii Fit launches and Nintendo will break the non-holiday/launch hardware sales record.