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These Wii sales number are just getting beyond ridiculous.  I don't doubt they could sell 4 million a month if they could produce that many.

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very impressive especially considering that GTA was released.

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If japan numbers are good too it will pass DS highest weekly sales of 650,000.

perhaps with US sales they could sell 4M as others and japan have settled down now and demand seems to have been met but in the US it's not gonna be anytime soon.

looking at 650k worldwide Wii's sold this week - not too shabby


what happened to the wii will not sell during the GTA release theory and ps360 will be on top?

looks like the opposite to me

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Impressive Numbers for wii, especially during the week of GTAIV, I wonder what's Japan's numbers will be?
it golden week in Japan

same here, I was expecting negative sales.

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Wii number just got a small boost in others. At 598k before Japan. Yikes!

4 million a month would be a stretch....until the holidays anyway.

2.5-3 million...maybe 


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With a good Wii week in Japan it could be in 650k this week, very impresive

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