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Parokki said:
To be honest, the only problem I've had with moderation on this site is how it can sometimes be. For example, Leo publicly admitted dodging his extremely deserved 2 month bad, and claimed his "completely reformed" conduct proves how he should be a mod. Nobody raised a finger.

Dodgy or missing ban reasons aren't nice, but that's not exactly a huge issue, and easily fixable if there are enough complaints.

Ugh, I saw that and wondered, "Why is it that people like Leo-J do things like that and get no punishment, not even a warning, yet other people do all sorts of minor things, and get an instant ban with no warning?"

However, I think that a Perma-ban on Leo-J was just a bit unnecessary...

Moderators are suppossed to do exactly what their name says, provide moderation:

mod·er·a·tion [mod-uh-rey-shuhn] –noun

1.the quality of being moderate; restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance.

Now, I'm not saying that all mods are bad, Naz and Stof are great, along with many others.



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I think mods shouldn't be allowed to post their comments (opinions) on ANY tread , unless it's a thread of their own. I know it's kind of a harsh measure, but it keeps the mods from siding with a particular fanbase.

A lot of users get banned because of their reputation, if they are known for trolling and flaming or called that way all the times, the hammer comes down on them much quiclkly. But, for most of us, it takes a lot to get banned

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What took you guys so long to find that out?


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konnichiwa said:
What took you guys so long to find that out?



OT: There is no balance problem with the mods here.

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stof said:
As mods we're often accused by someone of not doing anything until we do something, at which point other people will claim we go overboard. But rarely does the same person accuse us of doing both at the same time.

Anyways, I have no idea what incident started this thread, but I'm inclined to think it's yet another case of our jobs being partially based on discretion. Different people "discrete" in different ways.

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^^^ Yeah I'd buy that.

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I´ve noticed this also and it´s annoying as hell especialy when Sony fanboys scream that Ninty fanboys are getting away with the same thing when it´s actually themselves that get away with it far more then Ninty fanboys. I also noticed that when Nintendo fan´s get longer bans while Sony fans MOSTLY get a day or two.

 umm... Leo just got perma-banned...

WOW!! Talk about a horrible example!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that the same Leo-J thats been caught with multiple accounts?? The same Leo-J thats been perma banned before??

Let me ask you something.. when will Kirby and Weezy be unbanned and given another chance like Leo-J? or even Kwaad?? Would they of been unbanned by now if they where PS3 fanboys??

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Gnizmo said:
twesterm said:


So if someone were to make a thread bashing a console manufacturer and then say they deserve to go out of buisness and imply that the continued existence of the console harms the game industry the thread would be locked right? Cause unless something changed one of those exists right now, with mod posts in it, and with at least one person reporting it. I have never seen a more blatant attack on a console without merit than in the original post of that thread and nothing was done last I checked.

I want to clarify I really like you as a mod. I enjoy seeing you post in threads because it reassures me that trolling will be kept to a minimum. Sometimes I have to question other mods decisions though. I don't have any specific complaints outside the fact that ssj12's sig is annoyingly long, but there is a lot of inconsistency. The specific example really riles me up because it wasn't even a stealth troll but a blatant troll topic.

Dude! you should of wrote the original thread!!

You get a gold star!!


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