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Diomedes1976 said:
Wii is building its own market out of the usual Nintendo fans suspects ,soccer moms ,jubilees ,women etc ...the famous Blue Ocean strategy.

But this does not matter it is getting the core and hardcore gamer market ,the usual market we were used to speak about.

Does it matter that the Wii sells the most?Yes.But does it mean it will relegate the PS3 or 360 to the situation the Game Cube was last generation?Absolutely not.Will all the great third party push their commercial and technological muscle behind the Wii?Absolutely not.

So then ...what are we speaking about when we say the Wii is winning?Winning what exactly ?The developers and core gamers audience minds?Dont think so.

 So then you agree that the "core" gaming industry is shrinking, and may well be on the brink of a second crash?

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RolStoppable said:
disolitude said:
Technically they compete with each other as they are both videogame consoles. But more indepth look will reveal that their targeted audience doesn't overlap very much... Honda Civic and Ford Mustang are both cars and while one may buy one over the other it rarely happens as people in the market for those cars are different.

Also I want to mention that I know a lot of hardcore gamers that bought the wii...and they have it on the shelf colecting dust and looking pretty. However I don't know many wii only owners that bought the 360/ps3. This I find very interesting... So I don't think they compete as the hardcore gamers won't hold out on the wii while the casuals just would not buy a system all together and would still play pictionary.

Of course you don't. If they would have bought a 360 or PS3, they wouldn't be Wii only owners anymore.

Oh fuck... I nearly shit my pants. Haha. @Disolitude: We get what you were meaning, the group, the one that's most interested in 3rd party big hitters, doesn't really yet have a lot to play with Wii.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

In general, the demographic most interested in the 3rd party big hitters would be the core demographic. It's pretty common to find people in that demographic with enough of an obsession for games to buy more than one console in a generation, but most of the core demographic multi platform gamers are buying the Wii to play Nintendo franchise games. They are the best reason to own a Wii since they are all exclusives.

While there has been the occasional gem like No More Heroes and Zack and Wiki, these have not been selling like Nintendo titles. To date, there haven't been any big 3rd party console sellers. Umbrella Chronicles was not a blockbuster, even though it sold respectably well and while RE4 was the best version of the game released to date thanks to the controls, it is still a budget priced port of a 2005 game.

But I'm still waiting patiently for good 3rd party exclusives to show up on the Wii. E3 should have some announcements, and there should already be some quality projects with a good development team on board in progress as of this moment, but until then, the Wii just isn't the console of choice for anything not published by Nintendo.

Fernando said:

People keep saying that Wii sales doesn't matter (specially Sony fanoys), and that the Wii is not competing against the 360 and PS3.

If you look the comments in every videogame blog, site and even VChartz, from November 2006 to mid 2007, everyone was ok with the Wii being in the same league.

But suddenly, when fanboys realized that their most advanced consoles could not outsell the Wii, they suddenly stop considering the Wii as competition.

 Ah, but surprise, every time the PS3 or 360 manage to outsell the Wii on a single week by a small margin, they make a party for that. That's hypocrisy.

So, Wii, 360 and PS3: current gen, all in the same league.


PS. Sorry for my limited english...


In some ways it's not but the wii is competing with the ps3 and 360. The fact is everything is competing. Everyone has chooses. Do they buy a wii, ps3, or a 360. Do they buy a video game or tickets to an NBA game. Do they go to the movies or rent a movie.  Do they spend money on entertainment or save for gas.

I play all three systems and could care less who is on top. I stumbled across this post on a search engine and thought there is an odd thing that someone is hoisting a gaming copany on thier shoulders and pointing at others for doing the same.

The problem here is the WII is an entirely different type of device with an entirely different audience. I do not play the same kind of games I do on my WII as I do my ps3 and 360. They are for different people. Someone could enjoy these varieties and that is a great thing, but they are not the same.

Also, if you wanted to be as fair as your trying to be, you may have to look at this as HD devices vs Standard def devices, because after all the HD market is split while Standard(WII) is not and you have nothing vested in a specific company, so you have no need to say its head on head competition for specific companies. Looking at those numbers, HD gamings is well ahead as far as consoles sold.

Be glad we have choices, because without the WII we wouldn't have the motion gaming simple kid like titles and visuals and without the PS3 and 360, we don't have the amazing looking HD visuals on mature titles.

Something for everybody, but the numbers do show that the mature gamers are still more numerous.

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whawhawha said:

..., but the numbers do show that the mature gamers are still more numerous.

Uh, i think you're wrong here!

You have to count IPhone/Pad/Pod and probably DS owners to the Wii owners, if you want to estimate the number of casual players. Than add the PSPs to Ps360s and you get what?


But honestly, it's not that easy. Wii/DS owners won't call themselves all casuals.

And a "mature gamer" is what?

Playing FPS? Most of these are obv kids or teens, or not?

This gen is the best ever for crow serving !

Someone should make a thread pointing out the hypocrisy of Wii owners.

Someone else should make a thread pointing out the hypocrisy of 360 owners.

Then someone else should make a thread pointing out the hypocrisy of PS3 owners.

Then we can all come together and laugh and point at each others hypocrisy. Oh what a grand time that would be.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.


And the prize for the faux-pas word of this gen goes to: *surprise* *surprise*


Here we can start to beat each other, until we all get banned.


wait a minute... people say that?  last time i checked it was Sony and Nintendo are the biggest rivals, what did Microsoft do to cause a rivalry? Nothing