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I believe we've already heard the final word on the status of the Wii: It IS competing in the same league as the PS3 and XBox 360.  Take a look at the link below:


The source doesn't separate out the handheld and console markets, but considering Nintendo's equally strong performance on both fronts, I think the end conclusion holds.  The relevant passage is this: “The claims are backed up by IDG figures which reveal that the last few years of industry expansion have been driven almost exclusively by Nintendo formats. Without Wii and DS hardware and software sales, the overall international market actually declined by seven per cent last year.  Given the ever-increasing cost of developing HD games (see: $100 million for GTA IV), a sizable reduction in market size such as this would come as a double whammy for most developers of "core" games, meaning the industry may actually be at the brink of disaster right now.  Basically, if you accept that the Wii is not in the same league as the PS3 and XBox 360, then you must also discount their share of the pie.  If you discount their share of the pie, suddenly the whole pie has gotten smaller, and the developers much hungrier.  In other words, it would mean the "core" gaming market is actually shrinking, and courting a second industry crash.

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That's a rather important bit of data no one has brought to light previously. Not that I've seen anyway.

I've already stated my belief that the Wii is the only thing keeping the gaming industry alive in Japan, but worldwide? It had never occurred to me.

But discounting the Wii as a part of the core gaming demographic (which no one is claiming since the market for the Wii still includes a sizable percentage of core gamers) not the same as claiming that the Wii is competing for the same demographic on the same field as the PS3 and 360.

Both are skewed towards the core demographic and yet they have both continued to see significant sales growth over year. Clearly, core gamers are not the only ones buying these consoles, just as "casuals" are not the only ones buying the Wii.

But looking back to the debut year of the 360, while it moved briskly enough to cause significant supply problems for months after its initial release, we did not see Wii levels of product movement at $299 and $399.

RolStoppable said:
disolitude said:
Technically they compete with each other as they are both videogame consoles. But more indepth look will reveal that their targeted audience doesn't overlap very much... Honda Civic and Ford Mustang are both cars and while one may buy one over the other it rarely happens as people in the market for those cars are different.

Also I want to mention that I know a lot of hardcore gamers that bought the wii...and they have it on the shelf colecting dust and looking pretty. However I don't know many wii only owners that bought the 360/ps3. This I find very interesting... So I don't think they compete as the hardcore gamers won't hold out on the wii while the casuals just would not buy a system all together and would still play pictionary.

Of course you don't. If they would have bought a 360 or PS3, they wouldn't be Wii only owners anymore.

Ha ha.  I had started typing the exact same thing then saw your post.

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Kenny said:

In other words, it would mean the "core" gaming market is actually shrinking, and courting a second industry crash.

At least then Nintendo wouldn't have the opportunity to "ruin" gaming as we know it. 

And those saying, why isn't the Wii getting games like DMC4, Assassign's Creed, GTA4, and some other games. For the most part, it's not because these companies didn't want to port those games. It's more that they started those games 2 years ago, and by the time they realized that the Wii would have an incredible amount of users, it was too late in the development cycle to do anything about. Now I'm not saying that every single game would have gotten a port, but there might have been a few here and there. I'm still anxiously waiting for E3, because there should be some pretty big announcements there.

thank you for saying this
It's kinda like if Nike Shoes started falling behind those of Adidas shoes. Then suddenly, Nike declares that it doesn't compete with adidas

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To me, the car analogy doesn't go far enough.  I see it as trucks versus cars.  The trucks being the latest version and greatest for 4WD offroad HD (heavy duty) excitement, which is what the fanboys have been wanting for years.  And now Nintendo can't handle building the hardcore trucks and came up with a wimpy version called a car.  Now sure, the car can go on dirt roads, but off road, no way.

Still, some have always bought trucks for other  uses.  Transportation, hauling stuff.  And new buyers of cars are showing up.  Buying the cars for the nicer comfortable ride, and better gas mileage.

In the long run, cars have a larger audience to sell to, and therefore will do better.  Doesn't give you the heart pounding thrill that an offroad  truck might give you, but it definitely has its own advantages.

Do cars and trucks compete with each other?  I think that they do.  Is it a choice of buying one or the other?  Not really.  For some, they only want trucks as always.  Others will only want cars, and never ever touch a truck.  And of course, there will be some that want both.  If they can afford both.  If not, well, there is where the competition lies. 

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It depends on how you describe the market.

current gen consoles

YES, there all in competition. Wii has the most versatile product which appeals to most consumers.

current HD consoles

NO, different matter. It's only MS and Sony shooting each other at the foot.

Wii is building its own market out of the usual Nintendo fans suspects ,soccer moms ,jubilees ,women etc ...the famous Blue Ocean strategy.

But this does not matter it is getting the core and hardcore gamer market ,the usual market we were used to speak about.

Does it matter that the Wii sells the most?Yes.But does it mean it will relegate the PS3 or 360 to the situation the Game Cube was last generation?Absolutely not.Will all the great third party push their commercial and technological muscle behind the Wii?Absolutely not.

So then ...what are we speaking about when we say the Wii is winning?Winning what exactly ?The developers and core gamers audience minds?Dont think so.

Wii already won. No one cares anymore.

The war is between the X360 and the PS3 this gen.