OMG! Vgchartz in Spanish newspapers (and Wii fit succes in Spain)

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VGChartzs international fame grows.

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ismael said:

I was going to the university this morning, when i saw an article about the succes of Wii fit, when i read the entire article, i realized that vgchatrz was named. The newspaper is "metro", and you can see the article in its digital version here.


The article says that Wii fit was the most given present for mother's day (incredible), it also says that wii fit is sold out in Spain, and it has broken the record of Brain training last year.

It is the most selling "add-on" of ALL TIME in Spain in only one week, it has sold even more than the "Fernando Alonso wheel" which had the previous record for an add-on in 2005.

In the last paragraph, it says that Wii fit has sold 657880 copies in Europe, according to Vgchartz.

 I'm guessing, flowers, chocolates and "Mother's Day!, I'm just popping down the shops for some erm, milk" were all more popular.

Nintendo win in Spain, hopefully Wii have a boom in Spain.

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cool!!! thanks for the info! :)

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Not to put this piece of news down in any way, I think it's great that VGC is really gaining momentum and getting the recognition it deserves, but Metro is not exactly the pinnacle of journalism... though it certainly brings publicity, so don't think I'm bashing this or anything, I just value just about any newspaper over Metro :p