Do you think this girl is attractive?

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Someone needs to contact Chris Hansen. What's the age of these girls that you're posting?

@ Elgefe: Is that a pic of Amy Winehouse?

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elgefe02 I hate you ....i'm gonna have nightmares tonight >.> !@

DMeisterJ said:
I'll be nice.

She's not my cup of tea.

 At least this time you are nice.

elgefe02 That reminds me of the hills have eyes people. or wrong turn.

They aren't that attractive, and that pic of that chick without a nose makes me want to vomit. she will haunt my dreams for a week.

Nintendo Zealot said:

Here I'll embed it for you.

I give her a 4/10. She seems to have a mustache.




sorry, I can't show favourtism, this will be my response to all "do you think *** is attractive" thread. Or else people will start calling me a racist. 

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she's nice. would definitely give her my attention. but i'm black anyway so i guess she's more appealing to me to begin with.


sorry for the exaggeration, but i don't find her attractive. I agree with the 2nd poster, she has a mustache.

elgefe.....how did you get a picture of my former mother in law???

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which one am I supposed to be looking at? 
guys, it could be his girlfriend for all you know. don't be such dicks.

*Original comment forcefully erased*