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EGM - Rygar pushed back to 2009

You wouldn’t think that Tecmo would have trouble porting over an old PS2 game to the Wii, but it sounds like they are having a hell of a time. This small snippet comes from the latest issue of EGM…

With the Wii version of Rygar pushed back until 2009, the next retro revival we’ll see from Tecmo will be Tecmo Bowl.

What in the world could be keeping this game back? Do you think they are going the route we originally wanted them to? I would love to see a brand-new Rygar instead of a rehash of the PS2 version. Thanks to DiscipleinAgony for the heads up!



Wow. How hard is giving the Wii a port/remake? >_>

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Tecmo decided to take the game back to the drawing board. Thats why it was taking so long, they decided to make it into an new title instead of simple PS2 port.

Let's hope this gives them time to polish what they are doing too.

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*grumble* I cannot believe this! I brought Rygar to Vgchartz in like my first post, thinking it would have come tomorrow (5/2/08), then it got pushed to August 1st. OK, I'll wait. Now its in Somewhere 2009. Very disappointing day for me. Plus progress reports came in.... I was really looking foward to coppin' Rygar in the summer.

HOWEVER, this is also good news. Instead of releasing a sub-par port with slightly upgraded visuals, Tecmo is rebuilding this game from the ground up, like games are supposed to be made in the first place. With delays equaling a 2-year span, this game will probably be really good. I get the feeling it would've been run-of-the-mill, but since they saw 3rd parties stepping up, Tec. didn't want to be 'that guy' who puts mediocre things on Wii like everybody else. Project Rygar-back to square one.

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Well, I hope it turns out good.

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I thought this was always going to be a new game utilizing the old engine. In which case a delay of this long is still odd. Could they really be doing a whole new game? Or just have a small development team on it?


If it's a new game, i'll accept the delay. If it's a port.. booo

This game was looking really promising, but what's taking them so long to finish it ... by the time it comes out it will be one really old port ... hope that it's a really good one though...

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I figure it's not a problem with porting the game, but them putting more time and effort into the porting. We know some of the changes they were making were going further than just a port-job. Maybe they realized it had so little in common with the PS2 game, that they might as well continue onward and not be bound to Rygar: The Legendary Adventure.

I'm sad to see it slip again, but if it leads to a better Rygar game I am all for it.

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I'm guessing the fixed camera would make the control a real problem.

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