God of War III to have online capabilities?

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 They're asking for an "online gameplay programmer" to specifically join the God of War team.  This would be an interesting plot twist.  Nothing concrete, but an interesting thought nonetheless.

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Time to Work !

Who knows. Multiplayer does help sell games, whatever form it is in.

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Ugh. I hate the fact that every single game nowadays includes multiplayer.

Stick to what's best for the series and concentrate on that.


Sounds intriguing. I hope its something completely different from Co-Op and MP. Would be great if Santa Monica studios came up with something "totally groundbreaking" :).

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First GTA4, then MGS4, and now GoW3 with multiplayer? Not sure if this it's going to be a good idea or not, but I guess more content never hurts, even if it might end up as a bit tacked on.

I fail to see how this is a game that would benefit from online.

Multiplayer is what brings gamers together, while gameplay should always come first multiplayer adds so much more to any existing game.

It would be kick ass to be able to duel someone in god of war, aswell as doing co-op levels, though not everyone can be kratos so it would be somewhat different :P

"A Game (irregardless genre or play style) + Multiplayer" isn't always a sound formula though.

with Online becoming the new game seller this generation an unusually high amount of pressure is being put on games to at least make some part of them online.

Co-op mini sexgame incoming