How do Wii-only owners feel about GTA4?

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Personally I'd rather have a (preferably graphically upgraded) port of GTAIII (compliation) with Godfather like Wii-controls.  The great thing with Wii is playing with your buddys.  GTA:SA had local co-op play, GTAIV does not.

But if given the choice of merely GTAIV to Wii or not to Wii...  I'd say no.   Probably be too many compromises, and it'd seem so counter to what Wii is.

I might get a 360 at some point and if I do, I might (more likely my son would) get GTAIV.  But I'm not sold on the game at the moment. 


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DMeisterJ said:
I cried for Wii owners this morning.

If you haven't played this game, you've missed a milestone in open-world gaming, matter of fact, you've missed a milestone in gaming period.

This game is full of epic-win.

 I think it's an exaggeration...I went this crazy for Brawl when it came out too.  I can wait 6 months, GTA isn't going anywhere.

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DMeisterJ exaggerates the greatness of this game, lol. Say Wii owners cry? You're right, I do cry, but those are tears of joy. I hate the series, I couldnt be more happy about the fact that Nintendo isnt bringing this to its consoles.

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Honestly, I'd rather have a Mother 1, 2, and 3 compilation on the DS (or even better, the Wii) than have GTA on the Wii. The only one I was slightly interested in was the first one, but my parents wouldn't let me play at the time. Now that I'm old enough where they don't care, I'm not interested in it anymore^^;

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I've tried several GTA games in the past and never liked them, so I wasn't interested at all initially. However, watching the Gametrailers review made me think this one might be different, and now I'm kinda on the fence about wether to care or not. The gameplay no longer sucks, the characters seem less repulsive, and the amount of polish is undeniable.

So yeah, maybe I'll get it when I finally get a HD console and have finished all the exclusives that really interest me, but it's no big deal. Should be relatively cheap by then, and it's definitely worth 20€

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disolitude said:
Naraku_Diabolos said:
I don't give a rat's ass about GTAIV. Doesn't even interest me at the least.

You have no desire to get in a car...pick up a hooker...and get in to a head on collision with a truck and have the hooker fly through the windshield?

This does not sound fun to you in the slightest way?


maybe it would 14 years ago when I was 13


If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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I honestly haven't devoted any thought what so ever outside of this post to GTAIV and honestly that's how it is going to stay. The GTA franchise means NOTHING to me. As such I truly don't care that it exisists. For those of you who do enjoy it have fun make sure not to rub it in the face of any friends (who like me) don't like it.

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Words Of Wisdom said:

No effect IMO.

I'd rather have Valkyria Chronicles for the Wii than GTA4.


 Also I don't care too much either way. If I get the chance to play it, ok, if not, thats fine. I never was interested in the past games, so what should make me change my mind now? HD?

Liked GTA 1-2 (top view), liked GTA3, barely played vice city (all on PC) and played about only 1 hour of Liberty city (PSP this one though).
I like the franchise, but I never thought it was worthy of selling a system by itself (eyes that is), I leave that to large first party/exclusive hit list (think nintendo, sega or PS2), and technological leaps in gaming (PS1, Wii).

I doubt i'll buy the PS360 version by the time I have one of these, i'll most likely play it on the PC.


I'm not really interested in sandbox games so no effect.