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With all due respect, Dodece, shut the hell up.

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Sony - CrazzyMan
MS - MadSkillz
Ninty - FishyJoe

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BCNR34 said:

oh i'm unquestionably a fanboy, but i at least have the sense to admit it unlike starcraft. i'm not really pro-sony though, much more anti-microsoft and anti-nintendo

you thought you had me nailed didnt you? ;)

Don't you see how fucking absurd that is? Why in gods name is it worth it to be "anti" a console manufacturer? Did they murder you parents or something, leaving you sowrn to a blood oath that you would bad mouth them on forums from here to eternity (That'll show 'em...)? Why can't you simply be happy with the console you have, and why in gods name would you spend more energy bad mouthing the other ones than enjoying what you have? What are you, 12? The mind boggles.


There may be more Nintendo fanboys (I don't think so. Maybe more Nintendo fans, but not fanboys), but none get to the obnoxious levels of BCNR34, kingofwale or leoj. I see very few Nontendo fanboys make such a habit of trolling against the other consoles the way they do. Thery instead go the sane route (like, I will admit, is true of most PS3 fanboys as well, just not those guys) of talking up their console and the games found therein.

Maybe this is just because since Wii is in the lead this generation they don't feel the need, and would lash out much more if they had a trailing sales console (though again, I don't see why people have to take the market position of their console so personally). Maybe the whole thing is an example of the decline of modern discourse. They come from a supposed position of weakness (that the console is not in the lead, even though it's doing just fine) and so mimic political attack ads, impotently imagining that doing so affect change in people's perspectives the way attack ads can do in a political campaign; thus they are engineering the rise of the PS3 and the return of Sony to dominance. Of course, the opinion of a few guys on an internet forum doesn't have the effect a television attack ad does, but that is the level of discourse they see in society, and as such that is the type of discourse they internalize and impliment in such a situation. It's absurd.

LIGHTEN UP GUYS! If the PS3 doesn't win this generation, it doesn't mean you yourself are a lesser person for enjoying the console. I enjoyed the N64 just fine (at an age pretty close to leoj's current one) without having the need to curse the Playstation for doing better despite being a technically inferior system (well, I did curse it for taking Final Fantasy away from me and having the only sequel to Chrono Trigger, but that's a different, if related, issue).

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Words Of Wisdom said:
I'd like to nominate myself for number 1 PS3 fan.

 Well I wasn't gonna say it, but I was sure thinking it.   Every word you say just screams, "I love Sony!"

pimpcoop said:
I really hate to be chocky, but I think I am the biggest nintendo fanbyo or Wii fanboy

I challenge you to a duel.

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Wii : The next poster!
PS3 : The next 2nd poster!!
360 : The next 3rd poster!!!

The reasons I'm not going to mention the names is because it a harsh thing to do. But there's this biggest fanboy I've ever seen that It's killing me not mention him.........starcraft ;P

and the game was delayed thanks to PS3

I think some of you are mixing fan with fanboy.

A fan enjoys his product and can defend it well if necessary with logic and reason.

A fanboy enjoys his product but defends it with little to no logic or reason.

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Dodece said:
Being the anarchist I would like to toss a smoke bomb into this mutual admiration society or circle jerk. You know which ever term serves your own personal view. You know to make this thread needlessly murky and send the discussion off on a tangent.

I suppose it has missed everyones attention, but this thread has proved something that a number of posters have said in the past. The 360 fans are the most mature fans on these forums. Everyone can only seem to name one perhaps two 360 fanboys. While there are over a dozen Sony fanboys, and over forty Wii fanboys. Thats a massive disparity.

Sorry but the 360 fanboys are more extreme. the reason why there have been so many ps3 wii fanboys mentioned is because non of them really stand out from each other because non of them are a hardcore fanboy but the serious hardcore 360's fanboys are so rampant that they overshadow the other 360 fanboys. aka    STARCRAFT

fanboysFor the Wii that makes sense you add one part of ten years of humiliation, and one part stratospheric sales. However what explains all the Sony fanboys. The Sony fan is hardly the most numerous, but they are seemingly ten times more vocal then their counterparts. Let alone their almost obscene staying power. They sat back last year and just took the abuse.

Anyway these threads just show the disparity of the fanboy dispersal. I think its always entertaining to see these threads its almost always the same dispersal. With the assorted nobodies trying to stake their claim to a crown in the vain hope someone will recognize them.


Words Of Wisdom said:
I'd like to nominate myself for number 1 PS3 fan.

It's not possible.  There is no one on this site (or anywhere else on the net or real life) that is a bigger Sony fanboy than Crazzyman.

 Wii: Soriku

360: Starcraft

 Disclaimer, this is purely my opinion based on reading multiple threads on this site.