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PC + Wii owners unite.  Our last-gen dying platforms have access to nearly every 90+ rated game this gen.  Building a PC that visually outperforms PS360 is cheap and easy.    Oct 7th 2010 predictions (made Dec 17th '08)
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Slimebeast said:
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The question was - 'When (if at all) do you think the PS3 will overtake the 360 in total WW sales, according to VGChartz data?'


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For those asking - I'll update at the end of Q1.

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PS3 could pass X360 in 4 years time. Put me down for Q1 2013.


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LOL a mod thought PS3 would overtake 360 last year. Talk about being a fanboy

Its always funny when u come back to these prediction threads and see just how ridiculous some folks assumptions were. *good times*

not happening