Who will probably never play GTA IV?

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Probably me too, but you never know...

By me:

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Nope.  GTA isn't my kind of game.  I'd rather be playing Lost Odyssey or Valkyria Chronicles.

I used to play the hell out of the original GTA back when I was about 10 years old. Thought it was the most awesome game ever. GTA2 came out when I was a bit older, and I got over that pretty quick.

I played SA on my PC a couple of years ago, and I got bored within an hour. Never came back to it.

I think I'll be giving GTAIV a miss

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I have both a 360 and PS3, and I find no interest at all in GTA4.

I likely won't play it for a very long time. Unless a Wii version somehow gets announced.

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meh....I haven't liked the series since the original Grand theft Auto and GTA2 on PC....once they went 3d I just lost interest, mainly because I have no interest as playing as a drug dealer, gang member etc....

dont care for the series. So I likely wont play it.

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Nope. GTA isn't my kind of game. I'd rather be playing Lost Odyssey or Valkyria Chronicles.

You know, I'll be honest with you. I started out not liking you too much as a poster. I thought there was some biased behind a lot of your opinions that I just didn't know.


In time, however, you have really grown to become one of my favorites. You are balanced, and don't sacrafice your beliefs and likes/dislikes just to go with the flow, either way. You give honest opinions.


Not only that, your opinions often conincide with my own, which only endears you to me further. 

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Probably not. I have always hated the story mode of GTA. It is just so boring. The game just has too many random variables to make it enjoyable to me. In the middle of a mission if a cop happens to be walking by as you mow someone down then you have to run from the police on top of whatever other random non-sense. This makes it increasingly likely you will fail just due to bad luck and have to start over at the begining of the boring story and drive to two spots on opposite ends of the map just to do some inanely boring task and hope the cops aren't around this time. If they let me access the entire city, and rack up 6 stars without going through the story I will consider it though.

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I'm not going to read through almost two full pages but I won't be playing gta4. Played 3, VC, and SA at my friends and they were fun for a short while but I would never buy the game myself and my friend doesn't have a ps3 or 360.